Sunday, April 9, 2017

Its Brutal, Its Harsh and its True; another JNUG, NUGT signals goes by

March 10, 2017, the Golden MEAN crossed the 50 yard line on the Top panel  also showing HGU.To, the Canadian 2X Bull Gold Miner ETF.  The Bottom Panel shows JNUG prices in addition to the supporting measure.   Basically this has left us on the 30 yard line with the ball still in our possession with a First Down and 10 yards to go.
   Thanks to Mr. Trump  we scored a Touchdown but has it called back for Offensive Pass Interference (Misslie Attack).  The odds of whether we will score again, are those in a typical Vince Lombardi Ball Control Ground Game.
What we don't have is any reversal.  The Gold Miners don't show it.   Those who watch the KRIMEX KOMIX seem quite concerned about a reversal, me not as yet.

     So here you realize that every dollar of profit you make on NUGT, JNUG, DUST, and JDST, is a dollar you take away from the Banksters.  Its one less dollar they can use to screw  you with.

   So the operative question is:  Must those how missed the LONG Buy Signal of March 10 miss the next signal?  Be it a SELL / Inverse Signal to BUY DUST or other ?   If you are going to beat the Banksters at their own game and play it both ways as they do,  well you can with The Golden MEAN providing your signals.   To simplify, if you do well, so do I.  If you lose, so do I.  For me its NOT about skin in the game.  Every signal I give with The Golden MEAN puts me and everything Denaliguide on the line.   You know there is a 30 Day No Questions REFUND Policy on the first month of EVERY new subscription. 
What risk is it to see if I can do what I say I can.   NONE.    I decided a long time ago to protect myself and loved ones from the ravages of the 
Bullion Banksters.  You have the chance to do the same........Sign up.