Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What the next JNUG / GOLDEN MEAN Signal may look like

Let's look at the potential of the next JNUG signal by the Golden Mean.   It will be when the GDX breaks out above its non-symmetrical triangle where it is stuck.   It will also be when The Cartel~Buster confirms the price breakout with a Breadth X Volume breakout either in advance or coincident with The Golden Mean, moving through its consolidation into a breakout into posture.
  This is what that might look like in terms of the CARTEL~BUSTER !’s profile.CBsignal4.3.2017 - Edited.png

It seems pretty clear that CARTEL~BUSTER ! had made a decisive move to break out of the trading range it was stuck in before it could render a signal.  Two moving averages are either breached or have CARTEL~BUSTER ! riding above it, the lower one, a stabilized version that adapts to volatility and the dotted one, a favorite “trip-wire” of mine.
     When this signal happens, you may decide to pick up one of the GDX style ETF’s or its leveraged derivatives such as NUGT, or JNUG or many of the others from which to choose.
The choice will be yours if you are in position to get the Signals when they come through.
Subscribe now, so as not be caught trying to push off your back foot and play catch up when the move is halfway through its trajectory.   Two safeguards apply here,  one that THE GOLDEN MEAN has a No-Questions refund policy during the first 30 days, upon your request, that being safeguard #1.  Safeguard #2 is  your common sense.  You can watch how The Golden Mean performs during the 1st 30 days BEFORE you commit funds, using the patience and discipline you have acquired as an investor, which no doubt has served you well.   In clarity, you can then assess where you stand BEFORE you commit funds to the trade, BECAUSE, the moves in these indexes are “tidal”.  They repeat, do not duplicate, but alternate from high to low, to high, etc, ad infinitum.   We do NOT have to guess at these cycles but rather track their progress, and with the trip certain “gates” or “tripwires”, we know conditions are met to buy or sell.   That is the beauty of The Golden Mean,  Please consider checking it out by subscribing today to take advantage of the No-Questions refund during the 1st 30 days, and figure out if you can make money and how much using THE GOLDEN MEAN.   Have a great day.  DG