Monday, April 3, 2017


The why behind SLIPPERY SLOPES was logical, for I was looking for specific qualities I needed in my tracking measures.   Reasonably smooth trackable trajectories make it possible to use tracking to determine the relative position of that trajectory.  As to telling the qualitative value of the positions, recursive measures come into play.   When a quantity such as in a given sector of markets, say Auto’s or Computer Hardware.    Rather than deal with a sector that gives constantly erratic or jumbled results, I seek to find those “relatively” smooth  trajectories or trajectories that can be smoothed into graphic  trends visually translate into trends you can identify.
    The image below shows graphically the fall in this ETF that started in early February, and bottomed a month later in early March, with a subsequent rise into the end of the month.   While quite volatile, the lines of moving averages of qualitative measurements provide good signals and some advance warning, allow profit set up to be put in place.JRpromo - Edited.png
I track these qualitative indicators and use them in decision making as to WHEN to capture certain ETF’s in the age old BUY LOW, SELL HIGH patterns.    What is now unique, is that the underlying resource need not be moving only up, but with inverse ETF’s can also move down and create profits.  A BULL market is not a necessity,  but moving markets are.  BEAR Markets create just as much in the way of profit potentials.
    Thus with several underlying Resource items in the sector, you need not wait “until everything is right in XYZ Commodity”, but rather find a commodity that can have a trend reversal pending.  Does not matter up or down, nor the specific resources, as long as the price moves.   
How profitable this may be for you I do not know.   I do know, I “feel” less risk when I operate like this, than say, buying Rupert Resources, RUP.V, awaiting new developments on its mine in Finland.
I can get a handle on the risks here, working with Bull and Bear ETF’s,  the conditions in Finland’s mining sector which I have very little “feel”.   Do I not buy RUP.V ?  No it means I only go LONG RUP.V, when my qualitative indexes for ETF’s bottom out.   That is why I pair PEAK PICKS with THE GOLDEN MEAN, and SLIPPERY SLOPES.  When the respective ETF’s for Gold and Energy bottom, only the do I go LONG, the stocks we pick in PEAK PICKS in those two sectors.   Too simple ?  Yes it is TOO SIMPLE, and after a lot of work, I am working in the TOO SIMPLE Arena.
I like it.
    Perhaps you’d like to try TOO SIMPLE too.   Its simple, but not easy.  Waiting is the hardest part.  Patience and discipline are the two required assets in working TOO SIMPLE.   TOO SIMPLE was hard to develop, and easy to trade, but hard to develop the nerve and discipline.  
Try Peak Picks, The Golden Mean, Slippery Slopes with no subscription cost risk, the first 30 days with a “No-Questions” refund policy.  Easy enough, almost too simple.  Do that and I promise I will try to find a better name for it !  Hope you have a dynamite day !!!  DG