Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WHAT just happened in JNUG, JDST, etc, etc and profit ? How ?

Most of the time you feel something in your gut, you want to act, but of course without hard evidence you can't let your intuition guide your actions because  your intellect blocks it.
You see it all the time in your own life and as we review, let say our week or month, we find times and places we should have acted on gut instinct but did not, to our disavantage.

   Such occurred this week in the JNUG, JDST area.  Given the speed with which the Leveraged ETF's move, I am moving into a xxxxxxxx  position today, pending the next move by the Precious Metals Complex.

         Here above,you can clearly see the signal  a more sensitive, shorter interval index i have created is showing me. 

   As when your deer hunting and you spot a possible quarry and it keeps its head down, so you can't see its horns, acting suspiciously, then as a pre-emptive measure, I would bring it down on my general principles, since it shows by its actions it knows its vulnerable (consciousness of guilt / vulnerability)

    Thus as a result, I did a short term switch.  No need to guess whether this was JNUG or JDST, sign up, its without risk if you want to watch me for 30 days, I'll refund  you in a NY minute within that 30 days upon request.

   This switch I just executed, is to gain advantage, not hold forever, so if your that kinda Buy and Hold person, you'd have done well to buy XRA when I recco'd it not once but several times, now getting a TO offer from GoldCorp.

    Anyway, Peak Picks is published about every 10 days, and THE GOLDEN MEAN, since we work with some fast movers, the levered ETF's, usually has 
2-3 Bulletins per week, and alerts as necssary.

    My point is that it is NOT necessary to guess to profit from what is out there.   I spend a lot time developing and refining measures to assist you.  Figure how much money you could make if you actually acted on  your gut instincts and acted at the right time?  Sign up, see it THE GOLDEN MEAN or PEAK PICKS could make that difference, its without risk to you, only to me.  You have to be able to make $$ or I won't.