Monday, March 13, 2017

YOGI was right, " Ya Can't Winn'em all !" JNUG, JDST & THE GOLDEN MEAN

   Maybe it was Yogo Berra who said that, but I am not sure.  Clearly not everyone caught that last Nugt/Jnug signal in Dec 22/23, but it has a few did.
Now you can be one of those few on this next signal.

Now what I know is that it would be a shame to miss the next signal now that it looks like GDX is struggling to make a bottom .

 Since there is a way, THE GOLDEN MEAN, which you can try with no risk for the NEXT SIGNAL, it would be a shame to miss it. Since Jnug ran from the $4's to the 11-12 area where another signal got those in it, out during the 10 days it was up there.    If you read JPM, you know that the reason most investors missed most of the "TRUMP" rally was due to hesitation, and disbelief.   Will that be the story about this next JNUG Buy Signal ?  Since THE GOLDEN MEAN, it does not have to be.  This next signal is your chance to act without hesitation.
Our "FIRST MONTH"  'No-Questions Asked'  refund policy means no subscription risk cost for you, so you can act see it and act without hesitation.  The signal will eventually be there,  and I hope, you will too.   Best,  DG.