Thursday, December 8, 2016

When I graduated University, U$D 40 K would put you on Easy Street. Looks like they moved it.

Which is not to say you cant find Easy Street, it means you have to know what it looks like now.

   All that said, in my desire to be able to share more info, more qwkly, I am on a new website,
   which is working well for me so far, to which YOU ARE INVITED.

  BLOGGER has done a great job for me these years and I do not anticipate abandoning this blog because of its rich content.   I do, however, see myself using  for specific purposes that I have not been able to intergrate into this BLOGGER site.

  Drop by, give a test drive and see how it feels.  For me, so far so good.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ever ask yourself "WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN" ?

I think if that question were answered here, this chart would be a help :
   So the real question that this Chart would address would be :

    "What did the stocks most widely owned, do relative to the Gold, Silver Stocks and Miners ?"




Newmont Mining CorporationNEM8.94
Goldcorp IncGG.TO5.96
Newcrest Mining LtdNCMGF.AX5.71
Anglogold Ashanti Ltd ADRAU.JO3.39
Kinross Gold CorpKGC.TO2.70
WELL you can understand why NO ONE wants you to KNOW !!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

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     One of the many charts we use to help validate  our tactical moves.
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

All's Well that Ends Well ? NAW ! For Better or for Worse ? NAW ! ~ What Cliche Today ?

How about
and GROUNHOG DAY Combined ?

 Obviously if your NOT in denial, you know this cannot end well, no matter how much the so-called  "Monetary Authorities" keep queering up the money supply, digitally, or thru debt issuance or otherwise.   The question popped up " Is there an edict that the Non-PM stock markets will keep ramping until the US Election?"
To which I'd tell people to look around at all the new jobs and new cars.   What, lots of new cars, on loans at any cost, but no new jobs ?  How does that work ?

I think  you lower lending standards to the point where they are effecually non-existant.  Jobs, well it seems to evade our so august "Monetary Authorities" how jobs actually come about, actual jobs, not reported jobs.

      I think this charade has gone on so far, that the term "Conflict of Interest" has been so  egrediously exceeded in size and scope that most of the awake working class has turned a blind eye to the massive corruption extent, as long as they can keep food on the table, a roof overhead, a vehicle on the road, fuelled.  That may explain the massive appeal TRUMP is finding, people desparate for a real explaination, and a possible way to resolve what they see the Western world de-evolving into a true Hell~Hole for working families.

Lets use just one chart to illustrate more clearly another seeming conflict.

Most striking is the UP BULL CHANNEL of the Major Gold Stock ETF, GDX !!

 Proceeding like a raging housefire, it shows classic Bull Market qualities including corrections.   Above it in both Green and Blue depictions are the
1/(in Green and Brown)  Speed and Acceleration graph  for the PRICE of GDX.
2/(in Slate Blue), a Speed and Acceleration graph of the MONEY going to GDX;
    Both Completely and directly opposed to each other !!!  Not an iota of possible doubt.    Why do I even care ?
      Well as you and I have noted over the years, the Agents of The Powers That Be (TPTB) joyfully engage the surpression of GOLD prices as the tenure of their bosses depends on the ability to to baffle the masses with BS when it comes to finanical truths, so their loot of econonomies can stretch into the sunset without their necks also being stretched.  Thus you need not suspect manipulation when these prices go UP, as all the pressue against them is DOWN.
Today and this weeks doward pressure on the GDX price takes place at a time when the funds flowing INTO it are rising.  What that means is that a natural pullback is taking place, being steeper were not funds flowing into GDX.  What that means, is when this correction runs its natural course, the upswing of GDX will again resume in whatever measure and power is appropriate.   BOTTOM LINE SHORT ANSWER.  Gold Stocks are being bought and held as Gold Backed Assets during both their up's and down's as the huge uptrend channel witnesses.

Bottom Line = We are in a Primary Bull Market for Gold and its related stocks.

   Afraid you might miss this next upleg ?  Take 5 bux off this New Subscription Price of U$D 42.97 that will be Eff. Sept 1, and subscribe now, to find the stocks that are going to lead the next leg up.  Your money, your call.  Q1 & Q2 lead our stocks to an average gain of 139%, that is 239 U$D back for ever $100 invested. We think that was pretty good and cannot figure what the future may bring, except that we will be investing in Precious Metals stocks, for what we think may be a very good return.  Your money, your call.  We will be here for you !!  DG

Monday, July 4, 2016

This is I N D E P E N D E N C E DAY 2016


Imagine the anger and angst if you were a baby abandoned this way.
Fig 1 (Aug 28, 2013)

Fig 2.

 Now to quote John Murphy: “ 'Any Time Dimension' "
"All of the (above) chart types can be employed for any time dimension. The daily chart, which is most popular time period, is used to study price trends for the past year. For longer range trend analysis going back five or ten years, weekly and monthly charts can be employed” CHART SCHOOL LINK at STOCKCHARTS.
Now history is NOT going to tell us what is going to happen, only that it has in the past, or not. This math is not to tell you WHAT will happen but intends to show WHAT CAN happen. 
FIG 4 

This leg has already seen 3 GAPS in the Month of JUNE, 2016.
Here is the math for the JUNE Gaps:
June2-3 = 1.11 / unfilled  
June23-24 = 0.60 / unfilled 
June 30-Jul 1 = 0.69 /unfilled gap unfilledSo we have about $2.40 GDX of
Figure for yourself if you think it could jump GDX $ 1.97 ->
I find that a credible threat.

One measure partially implying the upward pressure under GDX is the HUGE estimated Upside target
of 52.5. It ain't real till it happens but its like a bird dog, he knows there is a big bird in that thicket, and it wants to flush, like a big cock pheasant, skyward.
To reference, please ck Blog Posts on 9/10/13; 9/23/13;
10/29/13; 3/6/16 which all relate to The Straits of Hell and WHALE Island.

So what have we got here ? My assessment is we have a trend going on,
warped by years of suppression, holding down demand until it could no longer be suppressed. So was it a big surprise when the GDX would not go below a level comparable to 1942, when the US Govt stopped Gold Mining and diverted those assets and that energy to the War Effort? No because there was no profit then, as there was no profit anticipated by the GDX dropping to 12.5. GDX clawed its way back and refused to die, so the gapping activity is no surprise given the vicious surpressionfrom 2012. THE TREND IS WARPED !! TO THE UPSIDE !!
Thus in a betting situation, I am betting on it staying warped. But to what end?
Well if the GDX fords the Straits of Hell, like an Amphibious Military Division, and the beachhead will be established north of 32.64 GDX. If like a Crown Fire, in a forest fire in a Spruce or Pine forest, the GDX leaps over and Gaps over The Straits of HELL, there will be one helluva fire on the other side, AND we will have WHALE ISLAND, a 3 year long ISLAND BOTTOM, an Abandoned Baby. ! ! ! !
Just to review WHY this Might be Important, we have: The John Murphy Quote: “ Any Time Dimension
All of the above chart types can be employed for any time dimension. The daily chart, which is most popular time period, is used to study price trends for the past year. For longer range trend analysis going back five or ten years, weekly and monthly charts can be employed.” CHART SCHOOL LINK at STOCKCHARTS.
So while it is far from a sure thing, it is, just as surely possible to see a 3 year long ISLAND BOTTOM. Add in the fact that the STRAITS OF HELL are 18 points off the Bottom, it is just as true that, adding those 18 points to the north side of The STRAITS of HELL would take us very close to the Estimated Target of 52.5, adding credibility to this potential. Bears watching............
Either scenario is bullish, but given the massive suppression, something must give in order to balance what is to come. Given the horrendous fundamentals for most things other than Gold, I don't think I'll be on the Gold Bears.

GET the WHOLE Story, more on this possibility and the whole shootin' match, Hot stocks, hot stocks to be, rankings, ratings, targets and stop losses, as well as a No-Risk Guarantee. And you heard this from PEAK PICKS and ONLY Peak Picks !!

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Once we get to the end of next week, July 8, our prices will go up !!

Monday, June 27, 2016

WRECKING BALL ( X version)

WELL, how can that be so without wrecking the BULL MARKET in GOLD ?
Perhaps this will most simply illustrate how this is possible............
Amazing as it might seem, Gold can stay in its new BULL MARKET UPTREND and yet
fulfill Tom McClellan's observations of relation to the Uranium cycle.
It is easy to see Gold in the form of MNT.To, in Canadian currency, breaking its downtrend three times, and confirming that breakout twice. The Breakouts are 8/12/13,
2/18/14 and 1/12/15. The confirmation occurred 8/14/15, and 12/7/15. Similar occurred in the US currency adjusted model as well but later. Given the suspicions of currency manipulations, the fact that it occurred in BOTH Canadian and US currencies even at different times, points to the reality of this issue, with MNT.To representing the Gold Inventory of RCM.

there was a chart in here of the Uranium Vs. Gold (KRIMEX) curves, uranium set ahead 7 mo's, alleging a high correlation btwn the two, which I find tenuous after examination, but you may view it @ -
     Since Tom is great at his work, it invites some attention, and of course, you can never ignore something that could be valid, from a reliable source such as Tom has always been

WELL, how can that be so without wrecking the BULL MARKET in GOLD ?
Perhaps this will most simply illustrate how this is possible............

Amazing as it might seem, Gold can stay in its new BULL MARKET UPTREND and yet
fulfill Tom McClellan's observations of relation to the Uranium cycle.
It is easy to see Gold in the form of MNT.To, in Canadian currency, breaking its downtrend three times, and confirming that breakout twice. The Breakouts are 8/12/13,
2/18/14 and 1/12/15. The confirmation occurred 8/14/15, and 12/7/15. Similar occurred in the US currency adjusted model as well but later. Given the suspicions of currency manipulations, the fact that it occurred in BOTH Canadian and US currencies even at different times, points to the reality of this issue, with MNT.To representing the Gold Inventory of RCM (ROYAL CANADIAN MINT, maker of Gold and Silver Maples).


PRICE Levels for GDX and MNT are illuminating. Given out to the end of 2016, substantial price falls (corrections, perhaps), have room to happen WITHOUT hurting the BULL MARKET in Gold, even perhaps, strengthening its base to move higher. GDX broke out at the U$D 15 level, a year or two later than the MNT.To, broke out at the same level in Canadian Dollars. Not really a mistake or coincidence, I think. In my opinion, the power of the trend under this BULL MARKET is so unmistakably robust, that, little could derail it for very long. There are discussions of 35 year Cup & Handles, in Silver and longer than that in other items but Murphy of Stock Charts, makes the case well that if a formation shows up in an interval, the length of time, is likely not a material limiting factor.

Is the title of an article by Nick Taleb which you can Google (recommended) which touches on some of the silly things that happen. I am not likening Tom McClellan as touched by any of that, rather he is a great cycles guy. What I did want to show, is how some with vested interests in disrupting your position in Gold Stocks while scaring the liver out of other would-be Gold Bugz, can misuse articles like Tom's, to scare you out of position.
From 2 years ago and I earlier, I have called a BULL MARKET in GOLD's start and ramp, and picked stocks that have doubled and tripled so far with us not even finished the first leg. Lotsa one-hit-wonders stood around wetting their drawers and sucking their thumbs, unwilling to trust their instruments to tell them true and I do not blame them. Conventional TA, here, in the face of sophisticated Opposition Forces to Gold and Good Money, are almost powerless to either detect or measure these trends in the face of KRIMEX KORRUPTION.

So if prices tumble when everyone is scared out of their wits, would it not be time to BTFD ? Find out the strongest Gold and Silver stocks over the last year and the last recommendation period, plus a powerful Income Portfolio.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What is a correction? How corrections manifest.

Going from now into Mid June, I thought this is what an Inverse Head and Shoulders, formed up in the GDX might take shape like.   It is like watching clouds and trying to guess what shapes they will form as they morph along.

     If we insist on doing things the OLD WAY, rather than Olde Schoole, well then we run the risk of being outrun by those we are up against. 

   Pictured are a few of the ways I look for hints and clues that Corrections are happening without them coming out and telling us they are:
Here we see the Assets in the PRECIOUS METALS sector declining after a good long run from the beginning of 2016.   That strikes me as a correction.

   So the dumb thing you DON'T say is "Its easy if you know how."
Here is my crayon overlay of the Volume, which once you have the other clues in place, gives you a better look at how Corrections can show up and yet fool us

     So here are two pictures of how Corrections have developed that were called for but no one seems to have seen them as they came and went.  Using CARTEL~BUSTER !, and some of my other hints and clues gives us a leg up on timing when the Corrections are actually happening and how far they are going.

     Better, yet, CARTEL~BUSTER !, gives us a leg up on knowing when the Correction has run its course and its time to get back into the Precious Metals Stocks we want !!    Subscribe at No-Risk now and get our "EVIDENCE of CORRECTION" bulletin along with our NOW Candidates for accumulation.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

FIVE (5) BULL MARKET RULES (in gold & PM stocks as well)

   Lets look at some observations, often called RULES, that apply to
 Bull Markets.
1.  No Doubt this will leave everyone LMAOROF.   Once Bull Markets are underway,  fundamentals will no longer matter.  How true I say.
2. Acquiring Companies tend to overpay when under pressure to acquire.
3. Companies using The Commodity, tend rise ahead of the Commodity.
4.  Large Companies tend to trade at a 2-3X premium to Asset Value, whereas
     smaller companies often trade at half that.  It bears no meaning to hot 
     MO MO stocks like GoPro or Tesla.
5.  Fundamental ratios, and values have little to no value to predict future
     price performance.
This is the kicker, #6 , When the speculative (last) phase of a general equities Bull Market is over, Often a three (3) year Bull market in Gold and 
Gold Securities now maybe??
Either Chart you use, Forex or Canadian shows the Bull Market in Gold 

Now its not for me to tell when its too early or too late to play in the gold stock games, but I would agree that fundamentals have little to do with gold stock future valuations.
Puzzled as we are by the failure of "normal" 1/3 or 1/2 correction reductions, we in fact, remember that
FLAT Corrections are very common in
Strong FIRST PHASE Bull Market Legs.
     The advance in the Gold Space that started around the US Thanksgiving, is picking up speed.   So much so that is a bit difficult to pick which is the "Best" Stock out there to ride this run.
The Liftoff has been sufficiently strong to highlight at least 50 Gold and Silver Miners plus others that offer good appreciation potential for multiples over the advance in Gold Prices.     

On the right is one I have featured in Peak Picks a number of times as a RECO and now is acting as if it is about to be acquired.  As much as I don't like chasing stocks, early in the 1st Leg of a Bull Phase it may not be as dangerous as later on, so this stock is on my plate as a BUY.
 What I was a little shocked at is that the stock on the LEFT, hit for 450% + since 
Jan 1, 2016.   Not everyone is going to catch everyone like this.  A lot will be less, a few will be more.   HOWEVER,  you will have to select a horse to ride in this race, but you have a BULL TREND to help you along.
How many more stocks do you want to see?
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Friday, April 29, 2016

GOLD BULL MARKET, use BULL Market Rules !!

This is Real Gold.  You can pick it up by Brinks Truck at the Royal Canadian Mint, 225 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada, order it 30 days in advance via the Exchange Tradable Receipt MNT.To,
100 to the ounce, tendered a min of 1K oz.  No paper substitution or fiat cash allowed. 
 Good Delivery = .9999 Gold Bars.   Minted into Gold Maples for an extra charge........ 

   Looks like a 2 1/2 yr uptrend to me.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mr. Nicely Nicely & Mr. NASTI

Apr 7, 2016
Volume & Breadth
Two reliable tools in my kit.

Two things I find RELIABLE are measures of Breadth, and Volume.
NAZ Up Volume (blue solid line) shown has modified with a common TA Math protocol. I include a similar chart for the NYSE.
$NASI, or Mr. Nasti as I call it, is the McClellan Summation Index for the NAZ, (dots), followed by a 6 day simple moving average (red solid line).The volume has fallen away, and the breadth (Mr. Nasti) is a hairs-width away from dropping thru the solid line which is a sell signal. NEXT CHART, NYA

. NYA is the NYSE average, which is the average time, with the other averages being + or (-) some time intervals.

Given that the Standard Timer (NYA) is signaling sell and the NYA has dropped down thru its 8 day exponential moving average which I use for a trip wire, we can see the SPX resisting this due the tremendous support of manipulation it gets. However, before the week is out, In My Opinion, the SELL Signal for the SPX will be executed on these charts as the week draws to a close.
I'd say its OVER this week.

The complete report will be published in this weeks Peak Picks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Is it time for DUST off, Lieutenant ? Where is that bird........?

Wow, nothing your gladder to see that  a "DUSTOFF Huey".  No guys with more guts than those pilots and aircrew to med-evac  you shell fragged body, half dead and bleeding under a hail of enemy fire you can here hitting the aircraft.
    Will it take as much guts as it took to fly an unarmed bird, into the vortex of hell, to get DUST ?  If you got in early, your no doubt feeling "DUSTED" or "BUSTED".   So far this Gold Rally has been a DUST Buster.
    I wonder if we will find BEAR DUST here ?
 I like this chart.   It says "LOOK AT ME, MOM !" 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Can you See Whale Island from here ?

DEAD Ahead Captain, some ways off yet.......
and why does anyone care, anyway ?
Whale Island lies just over the STRAITS of HELL, you remember that unclosed gap from the ham-handed short paper gold contract that cleaned out the bids floor to rafters like a dust explosion.   Either a rookie or TPTB wanted to make the point Gold was Doomed.  Awww too late isnt it, with NIRP, ZIRP and whom knows whatever the latest Alphabet Frankenstein the Monetary Authorities create.

The STRAITS are located and easily found btwn $HUI 280 and 300. Created by selling enough paper contracts to equal TWO (2) years of Newmont's production, in ONE DAY[1], cleaning out all the bids from ceiling to floorboards.  . Clearly UN-Economic that was a signal from HELL that GOLD was doomed, from, in my opinion, THE POWERS THAT BE [ TPTB ]. We shall see.....   Between 30 & 31 on the GDX, the Straits of HELL Lie in wait for the unwary gap jumper......

  Why this ? Why now? Similar to the $HUI, the GDX Gapped down during the week of Apr 15, 2013. “Someone” decided that needed to be done and it was in resounding fashion, so much so that there is still an unclosed gap btwn HUI 280-300, and GDX 30-31. Why is this important ? We have been below that point for 34 weeks. Weekly charts are pretty strong, and we expect this to fill. It need not fill, it could be JUMPED. IF that were to happen, we would have one of the LARGEST ISLAND BOTTOMS in recent market annals and point to a possibly cataclysmic rise in Gold Miner Shares as the GDX & HUI. IF these averages just wade thru the Straits of Hell rather than jumping it, well that will be good, but not the same.
Lets address the WHY NOW? Point & Figure
charts as below are considered arcane or exotic depending on your vocabulary. I like to use them like a Builders BluePrint for a Work-in-Progress, that is,an architectural framework of sorts that points out likely limits of the current structure, and thus can change with other shifts in structure.
Here we see a potential trend neuter point of about 18.5 on the GDX, and an Upside potential of 34.5, far North of the location of The Straits of HELL. Be they a figment of my imagination or not, they represent to me a significant turning point.
Once bitten, twice shy” describes what happens when a P & F target is missed. BUT “ Three (3) Times, a Charm” is also valid with this method. I will be watching it with great see.......Is this a real BULL MARKET ? Subscribe & Ck it out !!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The previous post made it hard to compare NUGT with its leading indicator, so I present them in a form that makes more sense, directionally
All the measures here look topped out.

      The next item is our measure 
          "CARTEL~BUSTER !"® which does a good job of leading NUGT. 
      HERE you can see that CARTEL~BUSTER !® led NUGT by about a week.  Fairly consistent, over time.

          Naturally CARTEL~BUSTER ! is widely used in my work as my proprietary Index, and now has inspired the 
Please sign on for more information and our fact sheet, either in the pop-up or the form on the sidebar.
A week's lead time is a valuable thing in this market. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting a handle on the 3X GOLD STOCK ETF's NUGT & DUST

LOTS OF SPACE IN THERE, UPSIDE OR DOWNSIDE, depending on which side  you want.

CARTEL~BUSTER !® inspired a great 
Signal Service 

Sign up for our Fact & Sign Up sheet, no obligation.

We do not hedge what we have to say.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chumps, Dumps and Trumps -Banksters Mambo #5


      1. NUMBER ONE
        starts to Juice and Goose the markets with VIX, OIL, and OPTIONS on the SPX, off Exchange. At the point the market starts to move up;
      2. NUMBER TWO
        At the point the market starts to move up, then we go in and we scare the shorts to create a short squeeze rally, News Stories and Talking Heads blathering about QE & Stimulus. This gooses the Index.
        1. NUMBER THREE,
        Now that we have moved this Index up to its 50 or 200 DMA, we get the press to talk about rumors that the FED is thinking about increasing 25 basis point the next meeting. Well now they shoot into the flock of investors by talking about the coming FED Increase and the market begins to fade down again.
      3. NUMBER FOUR
        So the Banksters can move in and cover their shorts. Then pick up longs at the bottom the cycle.
      4. NUMBER FIVE
        Rinse and Repeat. Banksters Mambo #5. Repeat News Cycle.
  And yet the imbecile investors fall for it time after time after time, so its no wonder the psycho's in our world hold us in contempt and dont give a rat's *ss if they are turncoats.   Its the oldest play out there, keep running it if it works
  Thus I am sure my reason for only using market data is there.  And bitch that they are, they try to break and taint that too, but just doesnt  So they throw a fit and break the ARCA Data or the ICE Data or anything they can piss into -  just shows  you how close to a total meltdown they are, i.e. the flocked- up silver fixes, LOL.
Is it any wonder Trump is winning ? 
As someone said about Banksters, they act with impunity, but it is NOT immunity !!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Signals for NUGT and DUST 3X Gold Miner ETFs

Wow, would it not be great if there were a way to anticipate the moves in NUGT and DUST ?

Nice to have an index that allowed us to PEEK in and get an advance on their directions and turning points?

Check it out below.
You can get these Signals for DUST & NUGT 
by subscription to PEAK PICKS.  Right NOW !!

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Now before you get down on Mr. Nasti's ($NASI) case, just realize he is  just the bagman for the US TREAS, BOJ, BOE, ECB, ESF, JPM, and PPT.  They all helped jump start the volume which has brought the mullets and some institutions back as well as BIG foreign money coming to the USA as tax dodge in their own countries.   Ironic isn't, the USE Red-Letters all the other tax havens and busts them, not to increase the US's legal take, but to steal their business ! 
      Wow what a plan !!   They did that in plain view and not one figured it out !!
So Mr. Nasti is pressed back into its socks like an ill-fitting show might.  The $64 Question is, how far could it go, UP, and how probable will each $ in gain make the succeeding harder or easier.  You could say its NOT NORMAL or is that NEW NORMAL ?  No one knows for sure, but for me NORMAL does not really exist except in some Economist's mind.

 Now looking at the NYSE's price Average NYA, you  can see a serious double bottom.  At which Point I ask you, that if tasked with keeping markets in the UP position, would this not be a good place to start.  Using that Model you could be thinking +500 points on this NYA price Index, or even back to Jan 2 levels.   It it had to Prove Up,, it would have to better that level, so I guess that means it could go up that far before a definiative test could take place.

  JOY in Mudville, right?  Despair in Gold Bugz Towne, as well.  Well cheer up Bunkie,  "Tell ya what I agonna do for you today !!"  Keep hammering, keep pumping, until Ya got those dots on the other side of the line.

     So Mr.Nasti suggests we could visit R1, which may it be, about the same level as last Jan 2 or 3?  How long?  if this move took a month, then a half month seems right.  Beware the Ides of March?   Will that be the time the march to the Straits of Hell begin? 

Just as a reference, here is what GDX looks like, as I wait for it to find its own level:

Saturday, February 13, 2016


 BULL MARKET = 2 Words
     We know it bottomed in Jul 2013.  Really !!!
 Lets go back to October of 2015 when this appeared on this blog.

  Emphasis Mine.   "REAL GOLD, that which is deliverable metal has bottomed at U$D 1149, with the USDX @ 95, and will not go lower in the next 
12 months, without a consequent rise in the USDX changing its price % for % in correlation.  Thus the higher the USDX rises, the Lower the Bottoming and unbreakable Low in REAL DELIVERABLE Gold will correlate."

All the Moving Averages are in gear as the 20 & 50 move up towards their meeting with the 200.
RSI has fallen out of its Do-Not-Buy-Zone, and is bouncing around in open country (good).   
The MACD continues to climb as does the Coppock Index (quite Long Term).   Now lets move to
 Now, I here, if  you can do it, its not bragging.
with that I say, TAKE A LOOK AT GOLD, and tell me it is not in an uptrend.......please.   What is different here, is IT IS ABOVE its 200 Day Moving average.  
'Nuff said, DYODD (do your own Due Diligence).
For me its "Hot" Chart.  Was that not good enuf ?
Lets see what the LEADING MEASURE SAYS........
 It says, "Its all in gear, and the train is getting ready for a trip", at least that is how I see it.  DYODD.

You and I have witnessed the KRIMEX take the contract paper price of NON-Deliverable (mandatory) fake Gold to any level they want by accepting the issuance of clearly bogus contracts by market interveners for what are clearly NON-PROFIT transactions, at the times of lowest volume in order to skew prices in the direction dictated by the agenda of the ESF, JPM and US Treas, as a matter of US Treas policy.
    Should that type of attempted intervention appear here, arbitrage will drive it away since there will be a tangible profit to be realized and thus driven by profit, arbitragers will swamp the fake transaction and break the casino's bank.

Now let's look at what I consider the most dishonest of Gold charts, showing Spot Gold as priced by the KRIMEX. Would you not say that it was not the greatest instruments of suppression and depression that you have seen compared with the Real Deliverable Gold. And like Fluoride if it is added to your water, there seems hardly a way to avoid it.
*  CURRENT CHART * 2/12/2016


*  CURRENT CHART * 2/12/2016

As a DELIVERABLE Gold vehicle, MNT.To trades at a premium to all non-metal supposed proxies for gold pricing.
So as it closed Friday, Oct 16 @ C$16.17 representing 1% of an Ounce of Gold, it then priced Deliverable Gold @ 1251.84 per Troy Oz. So a U$D 74.14 difference constitutes a 6.3% premium metal over paper, quite a lot of room for profitable arbitrage transactions which are not occurring. Hmm. I think people trust Deliverable Gold from the Government of Canada, to the an unaccountable commodity exchange. Hence the premium.

So what in that chart above suggests U$D 700 Gold ?  
In short, the middle of the three lines is in the Midline position. The price actually touching the top boundary and yet spaced off the bottom by 6.7%. A hint. Not conclusive but a hint. The calculation is a Raff Regression (“According to Gilbert Raff who introduced the Regression Channel in 1991:

The Regression Channel Top will be the precise point at which the high days in a trend hit resistance and turn down,
and the low days will find support at the Regression Channel Bottom and turn up.
Finally, a day will arrive when price exceeds the Regression Channel Range and
the trend is over. )”.

Thus we see in July of 2013 the downtrend ended. Shortly after, an uptrend started. From there you can follow the historical tracks of MNT.To. Same for the funny looking worm of Red and Green segments, the Ichimkomu Cloud. MNT.To has now chewed its way thru the resistance and is now atop a Green Support Cloud.


As you saw, CARTEL~BUSTER went totally BULLISH Over Extended into the NO-BUY-ZONE on OCT 7 and stayed Over-Extended into the NO-BUY-ZONE until OCT 19, for EIGHT market sessions until it dropped back.   Having demonstrated such BULLISH Behavior, CARTEL~BUSTER is another strong piece of evidence that the Tide has Turned to BULLISH for the GOLD & GOLD STOCKS TREND.

Given our inquiring minds desire for FORWARD-RECKONING, I publish the following Proprietary Chart "BEAR-SLAYER"    FYI !
 BEAR-SLAYER's chart suggest we have running room at a minimum to years end and maybe into 2016.   It is all "interesting" but subject to change.
      GOLD and probably most of the entire Precious Metals Complex (with the exception of the Platinum Metals Group) turned the corner back in June of 2013, but whichever forces opposed them saw fit to exert as much pressure as they could to mis-direct and mis-lead the public.  What could have been their motivation ?
To grab most of the seats on this train?  Possible.   I have no real clue, but we can all guess, so as that is, I am happy if people recognize what to do NOW.  In My Opinion, this is NOW a Bull Market for  the Precious Metals Complex.   What you do about it is a measure of you needs and savvy, but feel free to request a copy of PEAK PICKS (weekly) or the RECAP Report (monthly) free, via the Alert Group SignIn on the top of the sidebar.