Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why GOLD is going down, two words.

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IT's NOT !!

PAPER “Gold”      VS.             Metal GOLD

Intrinsic value=ZERO  /  Intrinsic Value=0           
=Cost to$100-200 per Ton to produce, Including energy, capital, labor

Average 30 tons of rock, 30 tons of water= cost to produce, $600-1000 @ 1 ounce    

Gold over the last 2 yrs in Cdn $$ which has had the stuffing beat out of it by the USD, reflects a adjusted value in USD 1172.65,

while the KRIMEX value=$1,066.

The chart ABOVE is REAL Metal

GOLD deliverable against

Exchange Tradable Receits (ETR)

traded on the Toronto Stock

Exchange under the symbol

MNT.To...Compare that to the


PAPER GOLD delivered in American Dollars at the KRIMEX in NYC (ABOVE).

Now lets look down and see if this is a

a “one-time” phenomena or an

across-the-board condition for contracts


Blue = UK Pound

Orange=SWISS Franc

Black= JAPAN Yen
So as ephemeral as anything is to “prove” by math, we can observe and draw the following conclusion, that REAL METAL GOLD is priced far differently than PAPER CONTRACTS settled in Dollars. Having not “proved” this but empirical observations to illustrate and support this enduring phenomena, we conclude that: “Currencies fluctuate, at different rates against MANDATORY DELIVERIES of METAL GOLD vs. PAYMENT in any given currency.”

A restatement of this, is that: “Currencies are valued at differing rates by the currency of their transactions.” Which again circles back to the question of intrinsic and enduring value of either, Metal Gold, or Paper Contracts. So for 'Probably Cause”, it is my conclusion that the USA manipulates its own currency for its own policy ends. Given the pricing fluctuations in the Monetary Metals, it seems evident to me, that suppression has been ongoing.

So in this game of smoke and mirrors, and the fog of financial war, and deception involved, I use my best reckoning to figure that the Canadian Royal Mint's Gold inventory Exchange Tradeable Receipts (MNT.To)give us an insight to the undistorted value of Metal Gold.

       Since arbitrage is a very real and effective tool to bring to equilibrium to market inequities, I favor the comparisons using a real delivery vehicle for metal Gold, to ascertain the most valid of supposed pricing systems now used to attempt price discovery of metal Gold in a public arena of fair and open markets. Given the persistent differences between Paper Gold Contracts and Mandatory Deliverable Gold Receipts, I favor the Mandatory Delivery Vehicles to be the truer of the pair.

THANK YOU TO JIM SINCLAIR FOR THE SUCCINCT "ID" OF THE ISSUE:,  "Management of Perception Economics", MOPE.   That, sadly, is our current mode.

So what is the reality here, now. This morning, Sat, Dec 19, the price for a once ounce gold coin, lowest of the Major Three, Maple Leaf, American Eagle or Austrian Philharmonic, is U$D 1205.24, per coined metal ounce, FOB, for Pickup in Ontario. There will be a lot of “I can get it cheaper conjecture which I will leave out of this. That is my cost, today for a 1 oz coin, payment vs. Physical delivery into my possession. Indeed a far cry from the KRIMEX kuote of U$D 1066.10 per ounce of paper promise delivered in NYC. Which is real, which offers certainty and which is of greater integrity or intrinsic value ?

To address this question, it has been my conclusion that, subsequent to the USA losing its

TRIPLE A, Highest Credit Rating of AAA, that the financial powers that be in the USA intensified their physical, financial and psychological war on the perception of the value of gold, to the extent of their resources. This is, in my view, because, any question of the creditworthiness of the USA, would hinder its drive to control, directly, or indirectly virtually the finances of the entire Global community( and thus the remainder of all policy, globally).

The so-called “Scarlet Letter” devised under Sec. 311 of the US Treasury Code is the first weapon used to isolate financial institutions, then host countries, To bring them into de facto compliance with US Policies including suppression of the the pricing of monetary metals in many currencies. While effective on smaller countries, it has not worked across the board, and been, from what I see, of little avail forcing other countries to devalue Gold. The pressure on everyone, globally, to suppress Gold's perceived value, would be consistent with trying to maintain the highest possible credit rating for the USA.
So like we see on “Whack-a-Mole”, Gold's value is persistent, like water, and pops up in any space available. Despite the Full Spectrum Dominance exerted by the largest empire yet seen on Planet Earth, only 'some' perceptions relative to Gold's value have changed. Again, in my opinion, the remainder and majority remain unchanged. Both metals, Silver and Gold, have, with their respective over and undershoots of median value, have maintained their value in historic zones of purchasing power. Under and overshooting the median values will continue due to the passions of humans, for Gold and Silver. I don't think fiat and unbacked currencies will fare so well.


So, Whose values would you trust?

<<< ??? >>>???

Wasn't that hard to make up my mind, by the age I was 10 years of age.