Thursday, October 8, 2015

SPEEDO for DJ TRANS for Oct 8, 7 more points to NO-BUY-ZONE

Here we sit, TRANBO 7 points under the NO-BUY-ZONE, and it feels a little bizarre, like a Bear market Rally, as the measures below, coming off a bottom have come too far too fast.  Now no discounting what the Pumpers, HFTs, & ALGO's can do at the behest of the FED, ESF & JPM, now also BOJ, and PBOC.
The have tonnes of fiat paper, pallets of it, to throw at this fire, but what they don't have is VALUE.  They also have a lot of angry people, gunning for their heads, so they MUST resolve this or give up some power..................hmmm.
In contrast  to the advanced state of the TRANBO SPEEDO @78, 7 points away from the DO NOT BUY ZONE, both the MACD, and the RSI seem ill-positioned to bounce off the ceiling and regroup to rally further.   Time will tell.

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Good Luck  DG