Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIMBO (DJIA) Sept 28. The question is, which is more likely now, 18K+ (ATH) or 12K bottom ?

Where does this look like it WANTS to go ?   To me, now that Gravity instead of the ESF or the US Treas, or JPM pumping it, it seems as if it wants to keep settling lower and lower and lower into where it might find support.

     Now as well you recall there are the "10 BEST GOLD STOCKS WAITING FOR YOU ON the  "CARTEL~BUSTER / GOLD STOCK BLOG" available on the SideBar of this blog.

     Truly there are probably twice that many REALLY Good stocks, So rather than confine the others to stay in the dark, I thought I'd present some from time to time here.

     People know Eric Sprott.  Gaining notice but not as well known yet outside of PM//GoldBug$ circles, Keith Neumeyer is CEO of First Majestic Silver (AG), who is quite vocal about the inequity of current silver pricing mechanisms as to be dishonest.  Last year he won our BIG CAJONES of 2014 Silver Ring Award.
As much as I'd like another winner, he is on track to get another Silver Ring Award this year as well.  We shall see.
     Keith Neumeyer and Eric well know the field and decided to BUY some assets as they were being thrown into the street, like the "baby with the bathwater".
Given that the PM Complex Sector had a lot of value lied to, cheated & swindled out of,  stolen from and lied to, to boot, it is not surprising  that it spurred these two guys to action.   So far with valuations at 5 Cents on the Dollar compared to 2011, and absolute values at 10% of realism, it is ULTRA savvy that their new joint company, FIRST MINERALS, is buying up viable mineral deposits, some already being mined at 25 cents or less on the dollar, basically NOTHING when you consider the Realistic Value.   While struggling to get back to their IPO price, they have been a tough fighter in this market.  Just for that reason, or perhaps EXACTLY for that reason, the stock is doing OK.  This is, In My Opinion one of the best Speculative Long Shots I have ever seen, a total perpetual CALL on Precious Metals prices.   Despite the horrible market trend previously for PM Complex issues, First Minerals is back to its IPO Level. 
     Regardless of the OTHER 10 Best, I'd rate this one high, if you want a great long shot Perpetual Call Option on Gold, plus the Great Mgmnt is a free bonus.

you cannot go wrong for 7.97, no contract !!

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