Friday, September 25, 2015

Best Gold Stocks for this Rally. Speedo for Sept 24, Fall Rally Beginning Says Cartel Buster.

Its that kind of moment that everyone waits upon when Long & Short Term PRICE, BREADTH and VOLUME,  move into and thru their Sweet Spots, to a position where the Odds are where they need to be.  Wednesday, the GDX as to Price, and CARTEL~BUSTER !, as to Breadth, began to maneuver into position, and yesterday crossed into the Sweet Spot.    Their exact positions and manners of movement are for Subscribers but share one of the strongest signs out there + our CARTE~BUSTER ! SPEEDOMETER.   I do not need to form this as a question as is so often done,but rather simply tell you this week into the end of Q3, is the beginning of a rally into Q4.  More than that, I cannot yet say, but we watch.

The Ten Best Gold Stocks Report (U$D 10.00) is the logical info to have.  It however is Free with  your  PEAK PICKS Subscription during September.  This BONUS report and the regular subscription are Linked on the SIDEBAR.

 This is represents a time where GDX gave us the first BUY signal since 2014, rendered yesterday.  Since this is the more powerful, weekly chart of  Breadth, not price, it does not show well here.  But it is clear, the move has printed and has room for its LEGS to RUN.
At 43, we got some room to run.

 Be savvy, be aware, ride the wave