Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bound Chart (Red / Green ) of Gold Miner Index Breadth Oscillator [GIMBO] + SPEEDOMETER / CARTEL~BUSTER !

Above chart of GIMBO is a bit faster than CARTEL~BUSTER ! and points to the week ending Sept 25. 
   CARTEL~BUSTER !'S Speedometer sits at + 63, having fallen in two days from an "Over-Heated" + 82.  If CARTE~BUSTER ! re-assumes some semblance of normality, it could decline again during this week until it is in a position to set up from some manner of rally at the end of Q3.  
    How far GIMBO must retrench is not a known quantity, since measurements in the PM -Stock & Metals Complex are basically a law unto themselves when we cut our way thru thickets replete with Black Swans.  Remember, a Black Swan is something we do not know about.  

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