Saturday, September 19, 2015

CARTEL~BUSTER ! GDX-ETF Speedo for Sept 18 posted


     CARTEL~BUSTER !, has just given me a  NO BUY SIGN by its entry into
the RED ZONE.  Feels like a TRAP,  quite like the RED WEDDING on "GOT".

    While I reserve judgment in "HOW" the PM SECTOR will achieve upside moves, I have no such reluctance to say I think any DJIA, or SPX sector rallies will now commence as Bear Market Rallies, sharp and frightening but unable to best previous ATH's (All Time Highs).   Right now I am NOT buying this PM rally except to "cherry pick" so small amounts of my most FAV PM Stocks.  You can get my view on that by Subscribing to Peak Picks, or requesting a FREE Copy by email to ""    In the mean time, best !  DG.