Thursday, September 17, 2015

DOW timing chart called DIMBO

NOT Rocket Science to watch the Dow's breadth oscillator slice thru its 39 wk ma.    That, folks is 3 Rolling Quarters, pretty power support or resistance. Was SUPPORT, now RESISTANCE.  Dow is down from ATH of 18,350 to the mid 16's, and massive overhead resistance.  The MACD (blue bars + Twin line underneath), are in a serious down mode and below zero, which tends to summarize the trend pretty good.  Whats this likely to mean?  To me it means that since all the major averages look like this and are about to be joined by two indexes that lead, do the downside, that it will take a serious BEAR Market to clean this market of its excesses.

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CARTEL~BUSTER ! GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 16 posted

Now if memory is correct 25, 21, 26, 33 were the prev four readings, left to right, near to far.   What can it tell us ? Nothing but it can give us a basis for educated guesses.  My scientific wild guess is that we will finish out this week with a weak follow on rally for Thurs & Fri, take us up to perhaps 60, but short of igniting a rally.  My underlying feeling is that we will settle down into (-)Minus territory by end Q3, and that in Q4, some unavoidable issues will be recognized that light a fire under the PM's in large measure.