Friday, August 28, 2015

DOW - Short term Stock market, where ? NOW ?

No doubt you detest being knocked about by the TALKING HEADS, and other asst'd Spewers out there.   Here is the  straight scoop on where The MARKET is NOW, and has been.  I do not try to predict.  You can, because it is PLAIN to see.   TAKE a LOOK.    
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NO NEED TO GUESS HERE !!    This is going DOWN.

 It makes lots of sense, that when having dropped over 3,000 from its All Time High last year, only to Re-bound, 1,000, it is the 16's, about one third up as far as it could possibly rebound .  Weak as the Momentum is, it seems a very typical SICK-CAT bounce since, In My Opinion, the ESF, (Emergency Stabilization Fund(Treas. Dept)), thru their agent,  JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, is buying up stock futures Contracts to boost or hold the marke up ( all perfectly legal )(legal theft in my opinion).  All will be futile as Gravity never sleeps, but all the algos and all the Kings men, will never make the market whole again .
      So for the market to wander and meander down and around, would be typical of Boosting against Gravity(guess who wil win ?).  I think you can guess where it might go from here.  Subscribe and get some PEAK PICKS.
Maybe one like this ?
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