Sunday, August 23, 2015

DJIA -530, NAZZ -170, The BEGINNING, not the end, Wanna see where its going, View DIMBO

It does not get any clearer.  The FED created the mess by replacing the stalwart members of the with Compliant sympathizers who approved the 
MARK TO MODEL Rule to replace the MARK TO MARKET Rule and
 this is the result.

   DIMBO is pointing to this as the beginning of the decline, not the end, and this chart doesnt even reach back to 2009, so you figure out where its going to end.
NOT SOON, in my opinion.  Suze (cutsie name) ORMOND and JIM CRAMER can while all they want.  Suze (cutsie) can afford to take a year off ( Nice, can you?), and Jim doesnt sleep in his car anymore, but might in the future, all whining for the FED to rescue them from what the FED did in 2008 to the FASB.

Guess they all have to sleep in the Bed the Fed Made.    GOT GOLD ? 

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