Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AUG 17, Gold Miner Shares Short Term Outlook

      This is GIMBO a recursive breadth oscillator that can be very flashy.

  It bounces btwn -100 and + 100 sometimes indecisive, but most times 

  moving from Bottom to Top, to Bottom, to Top, ad infinitum, or forever.

  Restless like caribou, it hardly ever stops moving.

     What does it tell you?  Well in Overextension, it often shows where you 

 not BUY or not SELL.    So in the RED Zone you don't buy.  IN the GREEN Zone 

  dont SELL.  Those are located in in the most optimistic or pessimistic times.

Right now, its a NO BUY.   Mr. Gimbo can stay in these Zones 10 days at a time 

that I know of.  Mr. Gimbo is a very sensitive guy, and he can tell how GOLDY, 

 that is GDX or RING is feeling about 2 weeks in advance so he often moves that

 much ahead of them.   You can get GIMBO readings in PEAK PICS by 

subscription on the sidebar.  Our current special this month is ONE FREE MONTH

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   Lets get a good look at Mr. Gimbo........