Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Cartel~Buster !"says Work It Baby, here is the correction...........

This was in last week's Peak Picks:
      So Thursday May 14th we got a  "Heads-Up" Advance Warning that the momentum in the PM Complex was hesitating while it was at a high level, a dangerous portent for sure.   Lets see what happened come Moday, and as well, today,Tuesday........
And thus 3 days ago, CARTEL~BUSTER ! refused to go higher into its SELL ZONE, giving us good timing to SELL !!

Now lets take a look at GDX in the same time context...........
   So the real deal, the info we seek, is what did the CARTEL ~ BUSTER !, know and when did it tell us ?
    If I were to interpret this data, I'd say it told us to "Get Ready" on Thurs May 14, to SELL on May 15 @ GDX 20.50, and May 18@ 20.60.  I liked those signals

I hope you were able to take advantage of this move from sub 18 to plus 20

Next post I'll include the back track of this kind of cross over measure.

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Good Luck