Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is this the true state of affairs ? // Это истинное состояние дел?

    We are both in trouble here, Canada & USA.   Joined at the hip like
Co-Joined twins, our fates are intertwined as shown by our flags meshed.
And turned upside down to indicate we are in distress.    We are in distress not because our economies are growing slowly or government statistics are funky.
We are in distress because the gap btwn our Richest citizens, and the working stiffs keeps getting wider BY DESIGN of the CENTRAL BANKS.

  русский Перевод

Мы оба в беде здесь, Канады и США. Регистрация в бедро, как
Со-Зарегистрирован близнецы, наши судьбы переплелись как показали наши флаги отверстиями.
И с ног на голову, чтобы указать, что мы в беде. Мы в беде не потому, что наши экономики растут медленно или государственная статистика являются фанки.

Мы находимся в бедственном положении из-разрыв btwn наших самых богатых граждан, а рабочие Stiffs продолжает все шире By Design центральных банков.   

 Более перевод на перевод коробке на правой руке боковой панели для английского языка на русский

    For those curious, the translation is because we live in a global world where we ALL must understand each other.

We are in distress not because our employment is growing slowly, but rather because fewer and fewer workers are participating in the workforce, the definition of employment is being diluted, and the quality of jobs worsens.
The ability of a worker to support a family is slipping as evidence by the number of us on Food Assistance, and becoming more and more dependent upon TRANSFER PAYMENTS from Governments.

This Blog post by StalingradandPoorski could be funny in any other time, but now it is simply tragic

 Better yet is an article this week suggesting 7 year car loans were good things to use to buy STOCKS.

I have lots of pretty charts but I think you get the idea.  Stay Smart.