Monday, November 16, 2015

JPMorgan QUANT outgunned By THOR-Mo'Zilla, its like Outgunning the Hadron Collider with your Vitamix Blender

After all, its not THAT strange.     Yes, I know I have superceded GAME of ZONES Parts 4 & 5, plus another feature.    I thought, however, this was relevant.

   After all 99.99% of the Bandwidth is about the Paris ISIS Attack, which is supposed to keep our interest on the hole, instead of the larger picture, the doughnut.

     Lets us take J P Morgan's Quant Team Magician GANDALF,  which is  trumped continually by  my THOR-Mo'Zilla,   formatted measure, banishing it to be Orc infested badlands of Mordor.

This link is a search of ZeroHedge's record of the vaunted GANDALP, which when compared as below, is an also ran


Here is another link, which discusses what its like to have a NAMTRAG
[ namtrag ?  - oh yes that is  " Gartman "  , backwards, cause, he always has it backwards ].   LINK

NOW enuf about the B-Team, lets look at that A-Team does..............

here is THOR-Mo'Zilla with some simplied Buys and Sells.

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Monday, November 2, 2015


    OK, now we look at the short term, but pick up a clue as to the change, right away.
      Look at the lower panel, and it shows since Mid-July that the Relative Strength of GDX over SPX has beein increasing, striking higher highs and higher lows, consecutively.  I won't belabor you with that happens when RELATIVE STRENGTH changes.  If your doing you DUE DILIGENCE, you know.  If not, you should then do your DUE DILIGENCE, summarized as DYODD "Do your own Due Dilgence."

Now priced at U$D 1207.50, after adjustment for currency levels.  Deliverable Gold Metal is in an uptrend that started at the turn of the New Year 2015.

Now lets see a LIE in graphic form - supposed gold $$
Now it is one thing to ACCUSE dishonesty, and another to support that claim.  Lets see how the strength of REAL PHYSICAL GOLD stacks up against PAPER FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS.
Pretty lame comparison !  Shall I go on.  Extreme examples you say with Extreme Vehicles you say?

I agree.  But as BS detectors they do their job.
Further, the conditions are exactly what the BS detectors are showing.   Were it not for those conditions, this would not show up this way.

There is more, but do I need to show it here, now, or do you want some time to do some Due Diligence?

How about MR. Nice Buy.?
Ah, that is enuf for now, it should give you the general idea.

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