Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIMBO (DJIA) Sept 28. The question is, which is more likely now, 18K+ (ATH) or 12K bottom ?

Where does this look like it WANTS to go ?   To me, now that Gravity instead of the ESF or the US Treas, or JPM pumping it, it seems as if it wants to keep settling lower and lower and lower into where it might find support.

     Now as well you recall there are the "10 BEST GOLD STOCKS WAITING FOR YOU ON the  "CARTEL~BUSTER / GOLD STOCK BLOG" available on the SideBar of this blog.

     Truly there are probably twice that many REALLY Good stocks, So rather than confine the others to stay in the dark, I thought I'd present some from time to time here.

     People know Eric Sprott.  Gaining notice but not as well known yet outside of PM//GoldBug$ circles, Keith Neumeyer is CEO of First Majestic Silver (AG), who is quite vocal about the inequity of current silver pricing mechanisms as to be dishonest.  Last year he won our BIG CAJONES of 2014 Silver Ring Award.
As much as I'd like another winner, he is on track to get another Silver Ring Award this year as well.  We shall see.
     Keith Neumeyer and Eric well know the field and decided to BUY some assets as they were being thrown into the street, like the "baby with the bathwater".
Given that the PM Complex Sector had a lot of value lied to, cheated & swindled out of,  stolen from and lied to, to boot, it is not surprising  that it spurred these two guys to action.   So far with valuations at 5 Cents on the Dollar compared to 2011, and absolute values at 10% of realism, it is ULTRA savvy that their new joint company, FIRST MINERALS, is buying up viable mineral deposits, some already being mined at 25 cents or less on the dollar, basically NOTHING when you consider the Realistic Value.   While struggling to get back to their IPO price, they have been a tough fighter in this market.  Just for that reason, or perhaps EXACTLY for that reason, the stock is doing OK.  This is, In My Opinion one of the best Speculative Long Shots I have ever seen, a total perpetual CALL on Precious Metals prices.   Despite the horrible market trend previously for PM Complex issues, First Minerals is back to its IPO Level. 
     Regardless of the OTHER 10 Best, I'd rate this one high, if you want a great long shot Perpetual Call Option on Gold, plus the Great Mgmnt is a free bonus.

you cannot go wrong for 7.97, no contract !!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

DJ TRANS Average Breadth Curve+ Speedo, Sept 25 2015

   Lets look at what the BREADTH CURVE has to say about the Dow Jones TRANSPORTATION Average.   I think by any intepretation, it says it is going down as it has since the Spring of 2015, a good Pointer Bird Dog for what is coming down the tracks, i.e. That light at the end of the tunnel is a Big DIESEL Engine.

Lets look at this from a Weekly View.
The WEEKLY looks as it if does not support the D-J TRANS Average recovering any  upside momentum,  which I think is a pretty bad sign going into October.


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Friday, September 25, 2015

Best Gold Stocks for this Rally. Speedo for Sept 24, Fall Rally Beginning Says Cartel Buster.

Its that kind of moment that everyone waits upon when Long & Short Term PRICE, BREADTH and VOLUME,  move into and thru their Sweet Spots, to a position where the Odds are where they need to be.  Wednesday, the GDX as to Price, and CARTEL~BUSTER !, as to Breadth, began to maneuver into position, and yesterday crossed into the Sweet Spot.    Their exact positions and manners of movement are for Subscribers but share one of the strongest signs out there + our CARTE~BUSTER ! SPEEDOMETER.   I do not need to form this as a question as is so often done,but rather simply tell you this week into the end of Q3, is the beginning of a rally into Q4.  More than that, I cannot yet say, but we watch.

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 This is represents a time where GDX gave us the first BUY signal since 2014, rendered yesterday.  Since this is the more powerful, weekly chart of  Breadth, not price, it does not show well here.  But it is clear, the move has printed and has room for its LEGS to RUN.
At 43, we got some room to run.

 Be savvy, be aware, ride the wave

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bound Chart (Red / Green ) of Gold Miner Index Breadth Oscillator [GIMBO] + SPEEDOMETER / CARTEL~BUSTER !

Above chart of GIMBO is a bit faster than CARTEL~BUSTER ! and points to the week ending Sept 25. 
   CARTEL~BUSTER !'S Speedometer sits at + 63, having fallen in two days from an "Over-Heated" + 82.  If CARTE~BUSTER ! re-assumes some semblance of normality, it could decline again during this week until it is in a position to set up from some manner of rally at the end of Q3.  
    How far GIMBO must retrench is not a known quantity, since measurements in the PM -Stock & Metals Complex are basically a law unto themselves when we cut our way thru thickets replete with Black Swans.  Remember, a Black Swan is something we do not know about.  

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

CARTEL~BUSTER ! GDX-ETF Speedo for Sept 18 posted


     CARTEL~BUSTER !, has just given me a  NO BUY SIGN by its entry into
the RED ZONE.  Feels like a TRAP,  quite like the RED WEDDING on "GOT".

    While I reserve judgment in "HOW" the PM SECTOR will achieve upside moves, I have no such reluctance to say I think any DJIA, or SPX sector rallies will now commence as Bear Market Rallies, sharp and frightening but unable to best previous ATH's (All Time Highs).   Right now I am NOT buying this PM rally except to "cherry pick" so small amounts of my most FAV PM Stocks.  You can get my view on that by Subscribing to Peak Picks, or requesting a FREE Copy by email to "denaliguide1@gmail.com."    In the mean time, best !  DG.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DOW timing chart called DIMBO

NOT Rocket Science to watch the Dow's breadth oscillator slice thru its 39 wk ma.    That, folks is 3 Rolling Quarters, pretty power support or resistance. Was SUPPORT, now RESISTANCE.  Dow is down from ATH of 18,350 to the mid 16's, and massive overhead resistance.  The MACD (blue bars + Twin line underneath), are in a serious down mode and below zero, which tends to summarize the trend pretty good.  Whats this likely to mean?  To me it means that since all the major averages look like this and are about to be joined by two indexes that lead, do the downside, that it will take a serious BEAR Market to clean this market of its excesses.

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CARTEL~BUSTER ! GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 16 posted

Now if memory is correct 25, 21, 26, 33 were the prev four readings, left to right, near to far.   What can it tell us ? Nothing but it can give us a basis for educated guesses.  My scientific wild guess is that we will finish out this week with a weak follow on rally for Thurs & Fri, take us up to perhaps 60, but short of igniting a rally.  My underlying feeling is that we will settle down into (-)Minus territory by end Q3, and that in Q4, some unavoidable issues will be recognized that light a fire under the PM's in large measure. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

CARTEL~BUSTER ! GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 10 posted

Here is the CARTEL~BUSTER ! Speedo SEP 10
The last four readings on CARTEL~BUSTER are:
Most recent  > 26     33     31     33  <   Oldest
So it becomes clear that CARTEL~BUSTER moved out of consolidation, lower.

      These are what CARTEL~BUSTER measures, 
      so they move marginally lower in September.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 4 posted

GREEN=No Sell  -  -  -   RED=No Buy 


This may help in relating the position of these two ETFs, GDX & RING in relation to their Intermediate Trend Movements. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 3 posted

GREEN=No Sell  -  -  -   RED=No Buy 

HOLD (your fire) for now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GDX-RING Speedo for Sept 2 posted

GDX-RING working its way down into Basing territory.
GREEN=No Sell  -  -  -   RED=No Buy

Considering the last three readings, 65, 57, and now 45, it looks like CARTEL~BUSTER is slowly settling into a base.  I will be aware when it crosses ZERO.

NOTE : CARTEL ~ BUSTER ! Speedo ONLY applies to the ETF's named, in the Intermediate term.  Shorter and longer oscillators are available in PEAK PICKS.
SPEEDO's for the DOW, SPX & NDX are available in PEAK PICKS>

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