Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IMO, this BEAR is DEAD !! BEAR (вниз) на рынке золота мертв !! Keep poking it to make sure! Держите тыкать его, чтобы убедиться !!

IMO, this BEAR is DEAD !  Did Brienne(G.O.T.) Kill it or was it killed by multiple arrows?
ИМО, этот медведь умер! Разве Brienne (GOT ) Убейте его или это было убито несколько стрел ?

Lets see what arrows would they be ?
Maybe just the latest:
Oil Default's.


Why does BIG JIM's Opinion Matter ?
Because He doesnt say much.  The last time he said something like this was 18 months ago, before this Bear's back was broken, and now has given us a DOUBLE BOTTOM. Go All-In?  No! Keep poking the bear to make sure its DEAD! 

Почему Большого Джима Мнение имеет значение?
Потому что он оленья кожа говорить много . Последний раз он сказал что-то подобное было 18 месяцев назад, до назад этот медведь был сломан , и теперь дал нам двойное дно .

Friday, January 23, 2015

Real Gold ЦЕНА // Honest Gold Price Discovery - 說實話黃金價格發現 How long before this looks so low ? A day, a week, a month? GDX Correction ?

http: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-1-Troy-Oz-Gold-American-Eagle-50-Coin-IN-STOCK-NOW-SKU33804-/381090815608?pt=US_Bullion_Coins&hash=item58bac85e78

   So MCM on E-Bay says you can buy, today, 8:45 AM Eastern, Jan 23, an American Gold Eagle, 1 oz of .999 Gold, delivered to your address for U$D 1,395.82

That, my friends, is the price of GOLD. In Your HAND, all-in.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Special EVENT - Real Gold ЦЕНА // Honest Gold Price Discovery to be Posted HERE

  How in the Wide Wide World of Sports, do you defeat the KRIMEX-Fraud-by-The-Number
PRICE PAINTERS, who, IMO, publish FALSE PRICE DISCOVERY ?      Well that is simple to think about, Conceptually.   Find out where in price Real Gold Changes hands.  Simple ? But of course, but when it is so much easier to look up "SPOT GOLD", the KRIMEX is free to use its 
Paint-The-Fraud-By-Number, due to its wide distribution.    Ask yourself this, even globally.
What grocery store does not carry at least 1 KRAFT product ?  Hardly none, right?   OK, so why ?
DISTRIBUTION.  They got the Distributors, and Distribution channels, just like the KRIMEX.
Now take normal human behaviour.  Put food in front of me, I eat it.  Maybe after I ask if it is GMO.
KRIMEX is no different.

    So just like GMO products, they can poison their price Komix Kuotes dollar at a time, surpressing price trends, skewing what trend look like, changing uptrends into flat, flat into down, etc.  So many of us have been here so long that "down looks like up".

  Now I have two sources of unbiased Gold Transaction prices.  One is a Gold ETF traded in Canada, that provides for delivery.  The other is a US Coin Seller that sells (reliably) US American Gold Eagles, with free guaranteed delivery in the USA.   With the Canadian Gold ETF, we adjust for the Canadian Dollar against the US Dollar, and in the case of the AMERICAN GOLD EAGLE subtract a 1% differential for a Seigniorage fee (coining the metal, the Mint's net profit).   
So the Canadian ETF's price at Noon Today, was 1380 about, after adjustment of US Dollar differential.   The Modern Coin Mart price for Random, or 2014 or 2015 Gold Eagles, was about 1397, about a 1.2% premium, so we can say, reasonably that the REAL GOLD EQUIVALENT PRICING  is about 1380 +/-, for gold that has changed hands and can be delivered.  That is a REAL GOLD PRICE to me, and what I will attempt to publish here on a daily or twice weekly basis on the SIDEBAR under REAL GOLD PRICE.    Once I have a month of data, I will publish a chart to reflect this pricing.

Here is the current weekly chart of the Canadian Deliverable Gold ETF, MNT.To

1382.36 U$D  1540 hours Eastern

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

THE END IS not Near, IT IS HERE, NOW ! Конец не Рядом , именно здесь , прямо сейчас!

THE END IS not Near,  IT IS HERE, NOW !  Конец не Рядом , именно здесь , прямо сейчас!
 Real Meaning ?  Bottom established, TREND established.
Короткий ответ ?

Нижняя установлено, TREND установлено.

FOR the future months I expect the Trend UP

With Dips to correct.
Since this is the 3rd Winter rally in 3 years I 
expect this Rally breaks
the back of the Bear TREND.

FOR ME it is the END of the BEAR Trend.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

BEST SIGNAL OF 2015, so far, and maybe all year [ Precious & Monetary Metals Complex ]

FOR THE LAST 80 days I have watched this Measure bounce off the bottom and move up to a SYMBOLIC Upside Crossing of two moving averages. It uses some long term measures as long as 90 weeks and as short as 10 weeks and several in between.  So when this Measure moves it can easily look like a Quarterly Measure, when it in fact is weekly.

Since I used moving averages and several other processes in computing this graphic, I also did not want to leave out the Elliott Wave people (which I am so very basic at interpreting), and thus include the Blue, Red, Green and Lime lines if case someone would like to weigh in on it.  The chart itself is 30 months so I think allows a good historical perspective.

   What should you do ?  DUCKS IN A ROW ?
    AS long as the bottom blue line is not violated to the downside, I would consider holding Gold Mining Stocks.  Which ones?  Well if i was really cautious and only wanted to buy a small one, with what I think is great potential, I'd consider XRA, or AAU, both have elephant sized prospects in Latin America.
A slightly bigger company with major prospects in Alaska is Nova Gold (NG), a consideration I often refer to, and if you needed a middle of the road representative of the industry, then GDX and or SIL.  These are IDEAS, not advice.

If  you have a desire to see or talk about Technical Analysis, you can visit our FREE FORUM @ http://denaliguide.freeforums.net/   It is free.

If you wish to track some  technical measures I created you can go to
STOCKCHARTS.COM via this Link: 

   and watch 5 measures for the Precious Metals Complex and 5 for the DJ and General Mkt's.   If you like what  you see, you can get continuous updates by FOLLOWING ME, and if you wish, VOTE for that list.

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Stay tuned for the announcement.  Good Luck


Sunday, January 4, 2015


  Pretty easy to spot the rising trend in the MACD.  And it started Early October, and in fact, Cartel~Buster ! Broke out to the UPSIDE OCT 16 !!, as below
 As indicated by the GREEN Circle.  On top of that we have a very nice Double bottom November and December, just like last year.  Now, are things better or worse than last year ?    Did we get a Double Bottom Last year, December and January ?  What did that look like.

Here is how I see the problem:       While your coping with a train-wreck or getting your butt hammered on the line of Scrimmage, you often don't sense the larger moves you can see from the Coach's Box, so this may be a View for you to catch a glimpse of that.

    Lets look at the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Inventory Reserve MNT.To, and the GDS overlaid on each other, and compare year end last year with year end this year.
Thus it seems to me there is an uncanny resemblance from year to year.
Is it intuition or what we call a hunch to follow this or is it logic?  Use your own means.  There are many other measures that point in this direction.

Would you like to see some or have a question ?  Join our Free Forum @    http://denaliguide.freeforums.net/