Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why GOLD is going down, two words.

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IT's NOT !!

PAPER “Gold”      VS.             Metal GOLD

Intrinsic value=ZERO  /  Intrinsic Value=0           
=Cost to$100-200 per Ton to produce, Including energy, capital, labor

Average 30 tons of rock, 30 tons of water= cost to produce, $600-1000 @ 1 ounce    

Gold over the last 2 yrs in Cdn $$ which has had the stuffing beat out of it by the USD, reflects a adjusted value in USD 1172.65,

while the KRIMEX value=$1,066.

The chart ABOVE is REAL Metal

GOLD deliverable against

Exchange Tradable Receits (ETR)

traded on the Toronto Stock

Exchange under the symbol

MNT.To...Compare that to the


PAPER GOLD delivered in American Dollars at the KRIMEX in NYC (ABOVE).

Now lets look down and see if this is a

a “one-time” phenomena or an

across-the-board condition for contracts


Blue = UK Pound

Orange=SWISS Franc

Black= JAPAN Yen
So as ephemeral as anything is to “prove” by math, we can observe and draw the following conclusion, that REAL METAL GOLD is priced far differently than PAPER CONTRACTS settled in Dollars. Having not “proved” this but empirical observations to illustrate and support this enduring phenomena, we conclude that: “Currencies fluctuate, at different rates against MANDATORY DELIVERIES of METAL GOLD vs. PAYMENT in any given currency.”

A restatement of this, is that: “Currencies are valued at differing rates by the currency of their transactions.” Which again circles back to the question of intrinsic and enduring value of either, Metal Gold, or Paper Contracts. So for 'Probably Cause”, it is my conclusion that the USA manipulates its own currency for its own policy ends. Given the pricing fluctuations in the Monetary Metals, it seems evident to me, that suppression has been ongoing.

So in this game of smoke and mirrors, and the fog of financial war, and deception involved, I use my best reckoning to figure that the Canadian Royal Mint's Gold inventory Exchange Tradeable Receipts (MNT.To)give us an insight to the undistorted value of Metal Gold.

       Since arbitrage is a very real and effective tool to bring to equilibrium to market inequities, I favor the comparisons using a real delivery vehicle for metal Gold, to ascertain the most valid of supposed pricing systems now used to attempt price discovery of metal Gold in a public arena of fair and open markets. Given the persistent differences between Paper Gold Contracts and Mandatory Deliverable Gold Receipts, I favor the Mandatory Delivery Vehicles to be the truer of the pair.

THANK YOU TO JIM SINCLAIR FOR THE SUCCINCT "ID" OF THE ISSUE:,  "Management of Perception Economics", MOPE.   That, sadly, is our current mode.

So what is the reality here, now. This morning, Sat, Dec 19, the price for a once ounce gold coin, lowest of the Major Three, Maple Leaf, American Eagle or Austrian Philharmonic, is U$D 1205.24, per coined metal ounce, FOB, for Pickup in Ontario. There will be a lot of “I can get it cheaper conjecture which I will leave out of this. That is my cost, today for a 1 oz coin, payment vs. Physical delivery into my possession. Indeed a far cry from the KRIMEX kuote of U$D 1066.10 per ounce of paper promise delivered in NYC. Which is real, which offers certainty and which is of greater integrity or intrinsic value ?

To address this question, it has been my conclusion that, subsequent to the USA losing its

TRIPLE A, Highest Credit Rating of AAA, that the financial powers that be in the USA intensified their physical, financial and psychological war on the perception of the value of gold, to the extent of their resources. This is, in my view, because, any question of the creditworthiness of the USA, would hinder its drive to control, directly, or indirectly virtually the finances of the entire Global community( and thus the remainder of all policy, globally).

The so-called “Scarlet Letter” devised under Sec. 311 of the US Treasury Code is the first weapon used to isolate financial institutions, then host countries, To bring them into de facto compliance with US Policies including suppression of the the pricing of monetary metals in many currencies. While effective on smaller countries, it has not worked across the board, and been, from what I see, of little avail forcing other countries to devalue Gold. The pressure on everyone, globally, to suppress Gold's perceived value, would be consistent with trying to maintain the highest possible credit rating for the USA.
So like we see on “Whack-a-Mole”, Gold's value is persistent, like water, and pops up in any space available. Despite the Full Spectrum Dominance exerted by the largest empire yet seen on Planet Earth, only 'some' perceptions relative to Gold's value have changed. Again, in my opinion, the remainder and majority remain unchanged. Both metals, Silver and Gold, have, with their respective over and undershoots of median value, have maintained their value in historic zones of purchasing power. Under and overshooting the median values will continue due to the passions of humans, for Gold and Silver. I don't think fiat and unbacked currencies will fare so well.


So, Whose values would you trust?

<<< ??? >>>???

Wasn't that hard to make up my mind, by the age I was 10 years of age.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The TRUTH about WHY Gold is Going DOWN. In TWO WORDS !!

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   Baby oh Baby, right there !!  Yeah that is sooo good, don't stop....up 155 at the open oh baby dont stop.  Baby?  Where are you baby?  You still there ?
Baby we are only up 3 at 1 PM, Baby where did you go ?  This aint right !! KRIMEX is up $10 on AU, and Canadian Gold Reserves are up C$100 from last week,   BABY WTF IS GOING ON HERE ?  Even GDX is up 3% WTF ?  This ain't the way it supposed to be, Baby, why Baby,why did you do this to me> ?   
    "BECAUSE, honey, the BS ends now, we can no longer make real the fiction that everythings is ok.  IT AIN'T !!"  OMG baby your back to +120, I love this so !!  But baby GDX is up 4%, that shouldn't ain't happen ?  Oh Baby why do I feel like this, just don't feel myself at all...... Why is Gold not tanking <
   Wow that volume felt good.  Was it as good for you as me, you seemed to have peaked too early?  Guess its just not like the old days, not as strong as it needed to be to put it over the top of the ATH, and as I said volume was not much to write home about for this our 9th Anniversery of ZIRP !!  Maybe next time it will be better, I hope, baby cause it looks like you need some rest. !!  Its a long way back to 18,350 BABY !!
   So this is not to suggest that things are going to get better or worse, but we ARE in an downtrend, because the NYSE and the DJIA are or have been unable to better their all time highs, realized this year.


     Now we know the PM's have been hammered, and SWC is primarily Platinum and Palladium, and here it is snubbed down against its long term 
support since 2009.   As such I think it is a fair place to start a swing trade, depending on  your temperment.   Any questions, email me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

THREE is a number, good or bad, well that depends.

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Well are we having fun yet?    Are you serious?  THREE CHARTS.

Lets look at the RAT of the bunch, Mr.RATSI.   This is the cumulative summation of the Advances - Declines on the NYSE.  Seems rather dire for a rallying market, just doesnt match.  Now since this doesnt match, is the cause that is is a longer term index V. a shorter term index?   Well lets match it up with a DAILY NYSE measure of the same item taken day at a time.
  OMG, that looks even worse, we are literally going from BAD to WORSE !!
The one possible saving grace, were such possible, is the SLo-STo at the bottom panel, bottomed out, snubbed against the bottom of the tank.   What it means is we "should" catch a bounce.    My bet ?  I bet its a Dead Hippo Bounce, charaterized as SPLAT !!
   Why, why for pete's sake are the numbers so out of whack ?  Well the DJIA is at 17370, about 1,000 points below its All Time High.   BUT IT CANT CLIMB The Hill to get back there.   OH yes, various and assorted Govt Agcy's are pumping and juicing and tricking out all they can to keep it floating.  And the volume continues to drop.  UPVolume keeps dropping.  So now you know how they make it float(the DJIA, S&P, etc).  Now lets look at on the tripod legs that are rolling over to take this market down........
  This shows the momentum of the JUNK Bond or HiYield sector,  and with the exception of RATSI and the NYSE A-D, I have never seen anything so ugly.

So lets talk about "The Three"

AND Then there were Three....

And then there were three, found them and made them fall, to bring them

down and have them bankrupt bound.......”

First was Third Ave, gated, then Stone Lion tried to roar, and squeaked and then Lucidius went down in a cloud of dust. They were the Canaries. They are dead.

Bonds, real estate and now the equities, all rolled over, all on the downhill slide. What more does anyone need to be told? Get out ? Get liquidity ? Get specie metal, gold, silver?

I think right about now, the market for “Pet Rocks”, aka GOLD is looking pretty good.

What to do now ? You have a stack, right? You have your money out of funds, and 2/3 or more of your value of portfolio titled to you, in you name. There there were three: Stack, Free funds, and Certificates in your name. Three of three ? Two of three ? One of three ?

Which one or ones ? A/ A stack needs secrecy to stay concealed. ; B/ Your funds are free and clear, and can be withdrawn; C/ If your broker is cooperative, you need your core stocks in your name. Of what you have or do not have, you will need FUNDS. If you cannot get the stock certificates in your name with dispatch, you may sell them, IF you can withdraw the funds from the resulting sales. That solves problem ( C ). You discretion resolves issue

( A ). Issue ( B ) is resolved as is Issue ( C ). You may wish to ck what you can pre-pay either to set money aside to be withdrawn or to pay future expenses now to the level prudent.

Depending upon how you assess risk, and reward, you can disperse the funds as above and you can also acquire some short term hi quality (less than 180 days to maturity, or even shorter, 90 days to maturity, and roll them over), and potentially acquire some specie metal in the form of coins one ounce or less, in whatever for which you have funds availabe. Then there were three, Specie, Short term Debt, and trade hedges. For those of you who want to consider Trade Hedges, drop me a line and we can discuss LIBRA® Strategy as it applies to you.

My personal concern is that someone is going to miscalculate in the THREE HotSpots:

UKRAINE; SYRIA+TURKEY et al And the SOUTH CHINA SEA, and that one, two or three of these Hot Zones turning into an USA vs. Russia or China shootout.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

BREAK OUT GOLD STOCK as a ThanksGiving Day Gift

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Looks like someone is going to get a Dump, Before XMAS 

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Well Here we Go AGAIN ! - The USA ThanksGiving was the SIGNAL DAY

Get the signals eMailed to your Inbox ASAP.   This XGD signal chjanged to an ALERT on the USA Thanksgiving Day the US market were closed but repeated on both that Friday and this Monday, giving us a good shot at it.   Now all the PM's reacted after a really big day on Friday but I am watching their "adjustments" and consolidation, looking at th potential for a continuation of the rally as it works thru the underlying "groundswell" that had been rolling thru the PM markets since summer.

     Almost as good a starting place as Aug 27 or Sept 11 this year, we will see more bottoming and rally behaviour as we move on. SIGN UP for our FREE ALERTS !!

Monday, November 16, 2015

JPMorgan QUANT outgunned By THOR-Mo'Zilla, its like Outgunning the Hadron Collider with your Vitamix Blender

After all, its not THAT strange.     Yes, I know I have superceded GAME of ZONES Parts 4 & 5, plus another feature.    I thought, however, this was relevant.

   After all 99.99% of the Bandwidth is about the Paris ISIS Attack, which is supposed to keep our interest on the hole, instead of the larger picture, the doughnut.

     Lets us take J P Morgan's Quant Team Magician GANDALF,  which is  trumped continually by  my THOR-Mo'Zilla,   formatted measure, banishing it to be Orc infested badlands of Mordor.

This link is a search of ZeroHedge's record of the vaunted GANDALP, which when compared as below, is an also ran


Here is another link, which discusses what its like to have a NAMTRAG
[ namtrag ?  - oh yes that is  " Gartman "  , backwards, cause, he always has it backwards ].   LINK

NOW enuf about the B-Team, lets look at that A-Team does..............

here is THOR-Mo'Zilla with some simplied Buys and Sells.

Now, I don't suppose your getting J.P.Morgans QUANT Team's instant alerts about GANDALF,  and that is a good thing, cause I know you'd hate to be as late as that and interpreting what they meant, BECAUSE   THOR-Mo'Zilla
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Unlike J.P.Morgan, we will give you your subscription price back on request, no questions asked.   You can't make money, neither do we........Get it ?

Besides Hadron Colliders are Government projects, fully funded to the end of the world, while us private market guys do it faster, cheaper and better by several orders of mangnitude, ALL TO YOUR BENEFIT...

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No downside for you !! So need to wait........

Monday, November 2, 2015


    OK, now we look at the short term, but pick up a clue as to the change, right away.
      Look at the lower panel, and it shows since Mid-July that the Relative Strength of GDX over SPX has beein increasing, striking higher highs and higher lows, consecutively.  I won't belabor you with that happens when RELATIVE STRENGTH changes.  If your doing you DUE DILIGENCE, you know.  If not, you should then do your DUE DILIGENCE, summarized as DYODD "Do your own Due Dilgence."

Now priced at U$D 1207.50, after adjustment for currency levels.  Deliverable Gold Metal is in an uptrend that started at the turn of the New Year 2015.

Now lets see a LIE in graphic form - supposed gold $$
Now it is one thing to ACCUSE dishonesty, and another to support that claim.  Lets see how the strength of REAL PHYSICAL GOLD stacks up against PAPER FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS.
Pretty lame comparison !  Shall I go on.  Extreme examples you say with Extreme Vehicles you say?

I agree.  But as BS detectors they do their job.
Further, the conditions are exactly what the BS detectors are showing.   Were it not for those conditions, this would not show up this way.

There is more, but do I need to show it here, now, or do you want some time to do some Due Diligence?

How about MR. Nice Buy.?
Ah, that is enuf for now, it should give you the general idea.

   If you want to Subscribe CLICK> SIMPLE TACTICS, The Short Answer- GAME of ZONES.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PART 2, GOLD & STocks TREND UP - REAL GOLD bottomed @ U$D 1149 - GOLD REPORT


As you will see, GDX continues over the 20 & 50 DMA's, on an Intercept Course for its 200 DMA.

MACD moves positive above ZERO [ZED], RSI moves to its mid-line, while the H-A ["averaged"] Candlesticks hover above their Ichikomu support Cloud.
Volume continues strong in a bottom formation, @ 87 Mil.
      Using the same Chart Format we examine the Canadian Gold Reserve MNT.To, we find all the measures in an ever more bullish configuration, making it hard to think anything but a Bull Run, with some corrections and reactions along the way.
     Now what makes this "GAME of ZONES" even more interesting is having a measure like CARTEL~BUSTER !  In slightly different format CARTEL~BUSTER ! does a nice job of pointing out from 2 days to 2 weeks ahead where the PM's and STOCKS are most likely to move.  Looks UP to me.
As well lets take a look at how the PM Stocks are outperforming the Metal.

Maybe next time, we can contrast GOLD vs. Paper. !  Looks UP to me.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

GOLD & STocks TREND UP - REAL GOLD bottomed @ U$D 1149 - GOLD REPORT Part 1

  Emphasis Mine.   "REAL GOLD, that which is deliverable metal has bottomed at U$D 1149, with the USDX @ 95, and will not go lower in the next 
12 months, without a consequent rise in the USDX changing its price % for % in correlation.  Thus the higher the USDX rises, the Lower the Bottoming and unbreakable Low in REAL DELIVERABLE Gold will correlate."

Extra Bonus.  Tomorrow we will have PART 2,
but for now  I thought a short piece on the CARTEL~BUSTER !
Speedo was right.   Here is the SPeedo as of  yesterday
 We stand at 69, well down out of NO-BUY-ZONE
so what, really do we do.  Look back.  It was a thrill for me to see it bust out into the NO-BUY-ZONE topping @ 122, showing us the POWER.   Since then to accomodate a reaction low, it dropped in half to 57 , and has been working its way back towards the NO-BUY-ZONE once again.  Happily so !!
Now as a Sneak-Preview of what is coming your way tomorrow, let me give you three measures we use, GDX, MNT.To and 
CARTEL-BUSTER !, on the same basis graphs, with all legends so you can look them up at StockCharts.Com.
All the Moving Averages are in gear as the 20 & 50 move up towards their meeting with the 200.
RSI has fallen out of its Do-Not-Buy-Zone, and is bouncing around in open country (good).   
The MACD continues to climb as does the Coppock Index (quite Long Term).   Now lets move to
 Now, I here, if  you can do it, its not bragging.
with that I say, TAKE A LOOK AT GOLD, and tell me it is not in an uptrend.......please.   What is different here, is IT IS ABOVE its 200 Day Moving average.  
'Nuff said, DYODD (do your own Due Diligence).
For me its "Hot" Chart.  Was that not good enuf ?
Lets see what the LEADING MEASURE SAYS........
 It says, "Its all in gear, and the train is getting ready for a trip", at least that is how I see it.  DYODD.

You and I have witnessed the KRIMEX take the contract paper price of NON-Deliverable (mandatory) fake Gold to any level they want by accepting the issuance of clearly bogus contracts by market interveners for what are clearly NON-PROFIT transactions, at the times of lowest volume in order to skew prices in the direction dictated by the agenda of the ESF, JPM and US Treas, as a matter of US Treas policy.
    Should that type of attempted intervention appear here, arbitrage will drive it away since there will be a tangible profit to be realized and thus driven by profit, arbitragers will swamp the fake transaction and break the casino's bank.

Now let's look at what I consider the most dishonest of Gold charts, showing Spot Gold as priced by the KRIMEX. Would you not say that it was not the greatest instruments of suppression and depression that you have seen compared with the Real Deliverable Gold. And like Fluoride if it is added to your water, there seems hardly a way to avoid it.


As a DELIVERABLE Gold vehicle, MNT.To trades at a premium to all non-metal supposed proxies for gold pricing.
So as it closed Friday, Oct 16 @ C$16.17 representing 1% of an Ounce of Gold, it then priced Deliverable Gold @ 1251.84 per Troy Oz. So a U$D 74.14 difference constitutes a 6.3% premium metal over paper, quite a lot of room for profitable arbitrage transactions which are not occurring. Hmm. I think people trust Deliverable Gold from the Government of Canada, to the an unaccountable commodity exchange. Hence the premium.

So what in that chart above suggests U$D 700 Gold ?  
In short, the middle of the three lines is in the Midline position. The price actually touching the top boundary and yet spaced off the bottom by 6.7%. A hint. Not conclusive but a hint. The calculation is a Raff Regression (“According to Gilbert Raff who introduced the Regression Channel in 1991:

The Regression Channel Top will be the precise point at which the high days in a trend hit resistance and turn down,
and the low days will find support at the Regression Channel Bottom and turn up.
Finally, a day will arrive when price exceeds the Regression Channel Range and
the trend is over. )”.

Thus we see in July of 2013 the downtrend ended. Shortly after, an uptrend started. From there you can follow the historical tracks of MNT.To. Same for the funny looking worm of Red and Green segments, the Ichimkomu Cloud. MNT.To has now chewed its way thru the resistance and is now atop a Green Support Cloud.



October 23, 2015
As you saw, CARTEL~BUSTER went totally BULLISH Over Extended into the NO-BUY-ZONE on OCT 7 and stayed Over-Extended into the NO-BUY-ZONE until OCT 19, for EIGHT market sessions until it dropped back.   Having demonstrated such BULLISH Behavior, CARTEL~BUSTER is another strong piece of evidence that the Tide has Turned to BULLISH for the GOLD & GOLD STOCKS TREND.

Given our inquiring minds desire for FORWARD-RECKONING, I publish the following Proprietary Chart "BEAR-SLAYER"    FYI !
 BEAR-SLAYER's chart suggest we have running room at a minimum to years end and maybe into 2016.   It is all "interesting" but subject to change.