Saturday, December 13, 2014

LETS look at the REAL GOLD PRICE, not the picture the KRIMEX PAINTS

This one need a currency adjustment but my point here is simple.  KRIMEX paints a BS picture, depending on YOU to accept that as the REAL price, when it is a FRAUD based on PAPER.
Go anywhere you want, and subtract the "COIN" Premium and find GOLD PRICE !!

MNT is the Royal Canadian Mint Gold Inventory Reserve.  They were slick, spun off their inventory into these REDEEMABLE ETR's, reduced their risk and carrying cost to ZERO for producing coins.
This is the price of real gold you can load into your Brinks truck when you pick up at the Mint, 220 Sussex, in Ottawa.  THIS IS GOLD.   krimex is NOT.