Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 3 Grinches Steal Christmas

This is a fictional  by-line I would not be surprised to see just before Christmas, like real life imitating fiction.

    This may resemble some people in real life.  You decide what to think.  I know I was angry to find out there is a JPM VP with my exact name.  Bad Karma dude, BAD KARMA.

DECEMBER 17, 2014, the story as I wrote it

The 3 Grinch that stole Xmas.
Why were they flying upside down ?

DECEMBER 14, 2014

I think it was the pilot from Colorado brought the brownies in his kit. No it was really not marijuana related.  Really.
It was an auroral storm of the century, that brought them down trashing their instruments, in the middle of a 12 hour white out left them flying blind, and upside down, the wrong way into the West Flank of Mt.Elbert, where no one knew to look for them. Their instruments must have been trashed by the storm as the black box showed them impacting the mountain, upside down, at 550 knots. There was not much in the way of big pieces left, nothing bigger than a laptop case.

Those who knew the damage these Grinches caused, cared not if they crashed and burnt,and
this report made the news then disappeared. Others may have been relieved at these Assisted Banker Suicides. I was ashamed to realize one of the JPM VP's that died had my exact name,I later learned from the State Police Report, which is no longer available to the public. I only got my copy when they assumed I was related. I am NOT.
Apparently they thought they could steal this Christmas from the Rest of the World, as members of the ABC (Anglo Banking Cartel). As befit their role as Kings of the World, they were flying a refurbed luxury Bizliner BC – 605(there was not that much of it left) right into the highest spot in the San Isabel Natl' Forest. Overdue on their filed flight plan from Chicago to Honolulu for a meeting with a consortium of asian financial entities, their last radar contact was from Denver 12 minutes before they dropped of the 'scope. Despite 27 days of intensive searches, part of the tail was only spotted by a heli-skier at about 10,000 feet, after it slide into a steep crevasse that did not allow any locator signals out. The heli-ski bird, an AS350B3 used every one of its 850 gas-turbine horses to pull out of that valley after setting to check for survivors in what was one of the worst days STEMCO Helicopters had that week. Once safely back they contacted DIA, Denver and gave them the GPS coordinates the pilot had MOB'd. The pilot was questioned by NTSB but not the skier, who according to the pilot “never saw anything”, sleeping on the way back from the weather aborted downhill run. All signs of the visit were erased by another 2 feet of snow and 60 MPH mountain gales.

The baggage compartment had sheared off dropping two armored aluminum cases next to it as it stuck up in sight, after the body of the plane slide into the crevasse, after scattering notebook sized pieces thru the conifer forest. Finding no survivors after 30 days at 11,000 feet, the heli-skiier scooped the two cases and skytailed it back to the Leadville Airport not suspecting the value of the documents that fell out of the one case as he lifted it. There were 3 copies of document packages, probably about 100 pages each, unsigned as they were, titled “Multilateral Reduction of Derivative Instruments” , seemingly held by those about to receive ownership of “certain assets whose ID numbers accompany this manifest”. It seemed a little sketchy until the finder realized that the “certain assets” were housed at 33 Liberty St. New York, NY, 10045,were in the custody and vaults of the NY Federal Reserve Bank, perhaps the same place the National Gold Reserve was housed. I never got to know what was in the 2nd case, I only know it was confiscated by the NTSB investigators, and when the pilot asked about it, they denied it existed.
Grinch #2 probably brought   the documents from the asset origin, and Grinch #3 had been the representative “The City” of London, I'd be guessing here, a Barky guy or BOE. We will never know as what body parts were found, were scavenged beyond recognition by 30 days of exposure to foxes and ravens

How K-HOW Radio happened to break this story is because I used to write some ETF columns the skier had used 10 yrs previous and he trusted me with the documents. Long story short, I talked to a guy who talked to a guy and the story was on its way into the wider world. Hell broke loose when the documents were published on the Internet. Although they disappeared within a day or two, apparently they were downloaded by a bunch of folks who later made it possible to disseminate them globally, and kept popping up on the 'Net faster then they could be removed. Apparently, the assets in question were gold bars in the basement of the NY FED, and the first lynching cries came from Germany that was waiting for its gold to go back to Germany, promised by the FED and guaranteed by the US Gvt. Word had it the Belgians were in line as well, and rumor had it that the gold bars in this list had been sold over and over and over again, with these same Bar numbers in multiple Reserve Asset Inventory lists throughout the globe. Financial writers the planet over had published this list of Bar numbers and apparently in the last three days, multiple supposed owners had come forward with their own lists, claiming ownership in multiple overlapping and conflicting claims.

I am not sure the NY FED's non-denial denials helped, claiming they had those gold bars in custody, and saying nothing else, which seemed to me to be an implied confession that they did not want to confess to selling them over and over again, knowing full well they had. A financial firestorm had enveloped the global exchanges, the volatility skyrocketing over missile-rattling threats of nuclear powers, apparently to obliterate the financial news and dampen the financial firestorm, which had only resulted in MORE volatile markets.

The Yen Carry trade blew up because the US DOLLAR had skyrocketed and bankrupted several big counter-party traders, and the Yen firmed as the physical gold market tripled in volume, and traded erratically whilst the COMEX trade slowed to a trickle except for midnite dumps by large entities, which damped the $100 price spikes that seemed to happen late in the day. Russia, several other oil producers defaulted along with almost every 2nd Tier over-financed Shale producer. Interest rates for all currencies were ramping, based on the fear of holding paper, as well as the Euro tanking. Russia reverted to a Gold Ruble, exchanging their Gold Bonds $100 par at 17 to 1 externally and 21 to 1 internally and demanding payment for oil in gold or rubles. They also reserve the right to flexibly revalue the Ruble up or down
As the US Dollar ramped, more and more bankruptcies sprouted like mushrooms as the accompanying deflation made it harder for everyone to pay their debts and US Foreign Exports dropped with every basis point the dollar rose.
Yes those 3 grinches and all that they represented, ruined Christmas 2014. They ruined Christmas 2015 for all the Anglo Banking Cartel, and all the profiteers and sellers of Sub Prime, Mortgages, Car Loan and Student Debt, not to mention every major political power broker in the West. Virtually all the opposition parties have called new elections with votes of NO CONFIDENCE, and impeachment proceedings. Except Russia. Apparently Putin had warned the West was about to sell the whole world in to slavery like this, and now smiles like the Cheshire Cat when asked about it and answers Bez kommentariyev”(no comment).
People ask, rightly, what good is 39 cent gasoline when we lose our houses, our jobs?
I guess the Heavens (aurora) brought some good fortune and others ruin. Ever was it so.

Happy ending? No, I think not. A lot of us are going to continue eating dirt from all the negative financial fallout that came with this debt and currency explosion. Gold standard ? No we have a ruble standard now. Apparently a de facto “full faith and credit” exchange is now occurring between Russia and China, so the yuan has gained equal standing with the “floating gold ruble” exchange. Germany is linked by trade and taking part in this as well. The Comex trading is very sporadic via-a-vis gold and silver contracts and the Asian Physically Settled Exchanges are now the standard mechanism for price discovery.
The Bad news ? Things are about the same as they were. The Good News ? Things have STOPPED getting worse and the domestic opposition, globally has distracted certain governments from their missile-rattling.

So Today, Jan 17, 2015 that's where this stands a month after the Christmas the Grinches stole,  2014.

 We are not out of the woods but we can see the mountains from here.

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