Friday, November 21, 2014

Did you see that cage of Black Kanaries?

   Although this was written by Agatha Christie, even she could not write the ending to this .
With a dozen or more these
in a fragile environment like this
you could imagine how unpredictable and unstable this group would be


Putin, China, the Ukies, the Baltics, Ebola, China, BOJ, the Swiss, the Dutch, ISIS, Iran,oh, yes don't forget Obama. NOTE 11/24/2014 ~ Don't forget Chuck Hagel's just now resignation. !!
Everyone of those cats is eyeing this tasty cage of Kanaries, each watching the other guys canary, which they know if liberated, would fly back to their homes. Of course if you are the First Cat In, you get to eat the other guys birds, but no doubt will release some they are unable to snag. Warily the cats eye each other while circling the cage. Will Putin and China team up, China knocking the cage over while Putin forces the cage open and passes canaries out to China? Will the Ebola cat sneak in thru a gap in the bars, and wipe them out as its kanary escapes?
We know kanaries black, yellow, or indifferent, will fall right out of the air will fall right out of the air, when they hit the fumes that can kill, or melt down any of the systems. How many of these dozen kanaries will escape? The cats will know how many they want to eat, but they have no way of knowing which ones will escape. The situation is tense and analogous to a “Dropping Price Auction” where the most anxious buyer sets the price, but that is where the similarity ceases. As soon as the first cat hits the cage, chaos will rule, and the odds ruling this kind of event make it likely some or all will escape.
Do we have all the potential cats that might show up ? Your guess is as good as mine, as I labeled the first dozen to come to my mind, but I bet you can come up with a lot more.
Oh I have excluded all the alphabet entities, CIA, MI6, FSB, etc that could be involved, as they are creatures of the other actors but you can't completely discount the rogue factor.
I mean Jamie Dimon could go bi-polar and off himself after an all night bender with Lloyd Blankenfein and their buds......

   Can we take a pool on which Cat jumps first?  How about how many Black Kanaries get loose, how about which ones?  How about which ones liberated will drop dead in mid flight?  Just one helluva lot of imponderable variables, especially in light of all the Known's, known and unknown, not to mention the possibility of many unknown unknown's.   All this crap cause everyone wants to lie while they continue to beggar their neighbour(s).  Been just too hard for them  to tell the truth, I guess.

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