Sunday, November 16, 2014

How KRIMEX makes you crazy with False Price Discovery

"Making you Crazy with Cognitive Dissonance"  

My Candidate for the


   There stands today a mute monument to KRIMEX dishonesty, speaking volumes in the form of a minimum 25% Premium of REAL, Honest-to-Gosh,
Real Silver Metal in-hand, over KRIMEX U$D 16.00 Paper Fake (you can't have any) Silver.

   If there is anyone that believes the thieves of the KRIMEX cannot take their KRAZYfakeKUOTES for Paper Contracts with the name Silver or Gold upon them, to any price level they wish, I am here to tell you there is ample evidence to the contrary in the public domain, to illustrate such unless you are the horse that can be led to water but will not drink, or the those who are not blind but will not see.  In that respect I advance the idea of "ZERO NOW" where the thieves and liars of the KRIMEX(like this song says) can take the nominal paper prices of their fake contracts anywhere they want by launching buy or sell programs in uneconomic quantities in times of thin liquidity designed to clean out all meaningful orders.  Seems to me they might as well accelerate all seeing how dishonest this is by pushing prices to ZERO NOW which will accelerate demand as we have seen, so that the price of Real Silver Coins goes from U$D21 per piece to say U$D 45 in the physical market.  That will speak volumes, as does the current premium, in a time when physical demand could easily, IMO, quintuple.

      It has been proposed by innumerable mouthpieces for TPTB and even so honest but duped folks, that PAPER GOLD contracts on the KRIMEX could trade under U$D 1K.  I don't disagree.  They literally can do anything with that FakeKuote, because no one can obtain Metal at that price.  The proof is each time a major take-down is staged the physical demand jumps by an order of magnitude and never goes back down to the previous plateau.  Given that this last travesty was accompanied by perhaps a 10 Fold increase in Global Demand for Silver, the next stop for the KRIMEX One-Trick-Pony would be a 100 X increase in demand as the populations globally awaken to the Krimex Fraud.

GEE, when they play their next trick, shall we have a betting pool how long before the physical supply runs out?  Would it be A/ Less than 1 Day; or Less than 3 Days,; or less than 7 Days; or an amount of time not specified ?  I again, do not know, but suspect this is the likely outcome unless we get hit with a 100% Silver Asteroid (what happened to all the Space Mining Stories ?).

So, the KRIMEX False Price Discovery Kuote dropped from 20 to 16, and the Premium of Real Silver Coins over it, ran up to 25% where it is today.  And today that coin costs about U$D 21-22, before shipping.  LETS imagine a stupendous price move by KRIMEX to say U$D 12  more less matching a KRIMEX price stupid of Paper Gold Contracts to say U$D 950.  It would not be unusual to expect a 20% drop in pricing, now to equal a 40%+ premium increase at which time a Silver Bullion Coin Ounce would go for U$D 21.80.
So KRIMEX drops the Fake Kuote by  20%, and the Premium doubles +, and the price of the Silver Coins stays FLAT !  Makes ya go hmm, don't it? ZERO NOW, then should be worth at least U$D 80 or more, IMO. LOL.

    Would you have the liver scared out of you with the headlines of the KRIMEX dropping the Fake Kuote under U$D1K?  Would the Miners Crash more?  Stackers sure would have a field day, as would anyone buying SOLVENT MINERS.

    I'd say Have No Fear,  if your going to ride this tide up and sell it down, and ride it up and sell it down.  That gives you sanity and time and perspective, enough, to consider what your doing without undue haste or duress......a nice place to be. You could be in this place, if you have the means or advice necessary. Sign up, there is no risk subscribing, and you see I take risk very, very seriously, because its YOUR MONEY. Try me.

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