Saturday, October 25, 2014

This feels like a swamp or this feels bat guano crazy

With key sector valuations are completely out of balance in this universe where interest rates are zero and intervened markets. If gold was completely alone in this swamp, with no a paired companion upside hallucinations in fiat-money debt markets, then the case could be made that Gold was screwed up.  Bottom line is unreality permeates all markets on this planet right now.  I don't think you can find one you really like in its present condition.

Nothing rocks my world as much as having investors competing to shovel  cash into bankrupt governments. Greece we know is a serious debt-aholic, and can borrow 10 year money at 6.5%.  How is that for hallucinating ? If equity markets were not bubbled up, why would anyone in their right mind lend Italy or Spain  10 year money under 2.5%.  Basically as I have said time after time is the Tape is Painted, the Books are Cooked and the Money is Queer !

    Lets take a great big jump at reality, lets go get some gold.  At a local coin shop I visit.  Under 1/4 oz, from 1 gram to 1/10 Oz., the per Oz runs about
 U$D 1555 per Oz.   Jump up over 1/4 Oz. including 1/2 Oz and full Oz, Canadian Gold Maples, you are going to pay over U$D 1,400 @ Oz.
Here is the link:

Now whom is hallucinating ?  The KRIMEX players want to sell each other paper contracts for fake delivery gold @1230 @ Oz.  Oh they do that so they can convince you it is the REAL GOLD PRICE !  Quote it all over the world, tell people that it what Gold settled at.......LOL !!     WHAT ?  To me that is the epitome of barnyard fill, horse poop !  Now, you can buy small quantities at those prices, but what happens when you want an industrial amount ?

     Guess who is buying Gold ?  Oh the Swiss WANT their SNB to acquire 20% of their assets in gold

.........HMMM            So who is crazy ?   Oh yes what to do when you wake up and the current gold price gaps 20% on the open ?

  Who is gonna have the guts to wade in and chase it to where?

    Better to have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it ?  Could you say that about gold ?  Even Silver ?

    Sign On to PEAK PICKS, there is no risk if we can't help you, no questions asked........... Better to have.........than need to and not.........The difference between the Have's and Have Not's...........Ponder it?