Thursday, October 23, 2014


Worse yet, who do THEY expect to swallow it?

     Damn what a wonderful economy, now all those folks got more time to themselves, since 54% of all new job creation is PART TIME Jobs ! Thanks ya'll, for all that free time.
Maybe I can use it instead of money to figure out how not to be foreclosed and thrown in the street. In the same time frame the US Economy lost 1 Million Full Time Jobs.

     McDonalds, the wunderkind of the retail world can't meet even the most miserable profit guidance. Wonder if that is because the cost of even “pink slime” has gone up 17% this year. Hmphf ! Damned good economy ! Maybe its that good because cause the new jobs created paid an average take-home of 23% less than the jobs that disappeared. Good Work Boyz !!

     Could that be why almost 50 Million Americans are on food assistance? Or why almost 1/3 of new car loans are classified as sub prime ( they DONT pay ZERO (0 %) for their loans.
Maybe before they lost their full time job, they would not have been SubPrime, till now.
Now, refresh my memory, how did that SubPrime thingy work out last time with Housing?
Is this why or a sign that 56% of Americans are considered SUBPRIME Credit ? Maybe it is because Utility costs are far exceeding inflation rates.

     I bet you don't have to think too hard about this one. Only 63% of Civilians in the Job Force, are employed. Bring it home. Anyone you know can only get Part Time ? How many have gotten GOOD jobs recently? Is that why Student Loans have exploded 2.5X times to over a TRILLON Dollars, most of them turning out to be, you guessed it, SUB PRIME.

     Good work Boyz ! Our incomes inflation adjusted have sank back down to where they were in 1995. Bingo ! Now even if inflation across the board came anywhere near the fiction that the FED & BLS put out, at 2.8%, from 1995 to now is 19 yrs. Nineteen years of our income increasing at 1% while inflation is 2.8% or better. Get Serious Folx !!
What the hell kind of explanation about how good we are doing ? Ask yourself, like Joey on “Friends” “HOW YOU DOIN' ?” - The honest answer is Not so good as 1995 ~! What BS!

     If we are doing so good, why is the US Govt borrowing $ 8 TRILLION @ year ?

Is that enuf to pay off the $200 Trillion of Derivatives that the 5 Too Big to Exist, US Banks are liable for? Something stinks !!

And you / we know this ain't right .

Oh yes, your family and mine is in debt to the tune of $ 50K. Sounds like the Indian gold mine. The Indians got the shaft (debt) but not the gold. Wonder who got the gold ? Out of the $2.75 TRILLION debt taken out during by the FED during the last 8 years, again, I know who got the debt, but who got the money?  Lets look.....

Now where is that whacky wabbit ??  Down the Rabbit Hole, of course !!