Wednesday, October 15, 2014


  I'v uploaded the actual report from last night onto Google Drive at this link
to be shared by anyone with this link.

  I do NOT say this is THE SIGNAL, where gold runs and never looks back, no, I say this is a directional signal based on my best measure, that indicates we are coming off a base into a rally.

Some say this is a dangerous move making this public, but I work with my measures daily and trust them to tell me what is going on.   So enjoy it for what it is worth, without the drama.

  Here is the first measure, and very straight-forward:
Rallies from this may last a month, or 3 months.   The leg may get crushed after it peaks or it may then correct and leg up.  I don't try to guess at it.  However the Red Arrow in the Box points to my Buy signal.   My subscribers got the advance notice last week.  And they just got this signal as well.
Check out the Report if you wish, we have a number of stocks that have run in the previous rallies with really good prospects, potentially in this starting rally as well.

Often in turbulent times, we find our view obscured.  Like the popular science fiction ? genre Star Trek, I move to shorter and shorter measures to attempt to get a good picture.  Here is a 15 min  Point & Figure chart of the  GDX, allowing for the typical lag in P & F charts.  Its not a guarantee, but rather a structural map of where it could go, based on the foundation that has been laid down.
So the upside POTENTIAL Target is 26, IF we hold 21.  More or less.  So if you want to play, maybe this is a place, or maybe you wish to subscribe, to get some of our favorite stocks.