Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clear away the Smoke & Mirrors, MOPE, Shills & MSN NewsRats and GET THIS PICTURE

            FYI a much clearer view of this is over at  with the accompanying video touching on a lot of things we know in our gut but needed some objective confirmation to feel
validated with this knowledge that you can actually see the "Smart Money" coming in from below to feed off the uninformed selling caused by this "Full-Court Press" that TPTB is doing thru MSM, because they have no other options to use to try to hold back the PM Complex market specifically Gold Stocks, perhaps because they want no competition or "distraction" from the circus of the General Stock Markets.

   For those pre-ordering their FREE e-Book version of Gary Christenson's new book, "GOLD VALUES and GOLD PRICES", with their PEAK PICKS Subscription, we anticipate the e-Vouchers will be available shortly, like next week, we think.  You can check over on Gary's site, and also read around some info as well.

   BOTTOM LINE to go with the above chart>:  Smart Money is eating lunch at the expense of discouraged investors who take the "News" as reality.  In fact, the move in the GDX, like all other PM Complex issues, while not assured, is looking a lot more real than the shill inspired screaming about $800 gold.   Smart Money, IMO is putting its money where its Intell is, and that is, that the pressure on this entire PM Complex is to the upside, not downside.   Lots more info and a Free e-Version of "GOLD VALUE and GOLD PRICES", with a PEAK PICKS subscription, exclusively in addition to the Gold Miner Index Breadth Oscillator, GIMBO, at Denaliguide's Peak Picks subscription.

  In our minds, no mistake about it, GDX and the PM Complex are going to move positively in spite of all opposition.  We will be tracking it for subscribers when it does.