Saturday, August 2, 2014

TREND Reversal in Progress -WYSIWYG

  It is apparent btwn the example on the 29TH DAY that the tipping point in TREND REVERSAL is exceeded to the upside, in one of our FRONT DEFENSIVE FOUR, kinda like the old L.A.Rams Fearsome Foursome.  You only NEED 3 of the 4 to protect your capital, but #4 might fill out the set, helping  you find some capital gains from whatever this problem is later found out to be.  Right now we know there is turmoil that could hurt us, so PEAK PICKS issued an Immediate Alert to put in some of those DEFENSIVE FRONT FOUR to protect your capital.
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Its pretty easy to compare the scale and direction, it is was clear what position to take as a Subscriber to PEAK PICKS.   Not obvious, but quite executable once you knew what to do.   We will watch further development of this, moving forward this week.
             None of our Custom measures are seen anywhere else, exclusive to us, and therefore, easier to help you profit.   You don't have to do this alone, maybe you should ask yourself, "Is there any reason I should not use PEAK PICKS to Front-Run them "?     Once you know that answer, you can Sign on with us.

  Good Luck,