Thursday, June 12, 2014


Probably a Blown 340 MoPar, gonna blow the doors off the field at the US Nat'ls.

 The GDX?

 "Rocket on Rails" ?

 I think so.

   From what I see from the Chart below is that the Actual Price, climbing atop the Top Band on the Bollinger Bands, and usually it stays there until the MACD drops out of Upwards trending by the Twin Lines, lets look at it below:

       Notice that the Actual prices jumped atop the BB's top Rail as it trends upward AFTER it jumped the Line in the Sand ( BLUE LINE), and thus I'd have to take that as an indication of Power under this advance.  It seems to me what while people are conjecturing as to the validity of this advance they may lose the advantage of an early entry, protected by a good stop.  Waiting to see if it is validated is OK, if we get in on the Next Dip and I am sure there there must be, in reaction to the advance.  However strong advances often have FLAT corrections, which often outfox people waiting for a dip.

The other indication I have that we may have a FLAT Correction is that the NVI, the measure of buying on quiet days, is UP and AND moves in the same direction as the ACCUM ( Lime Green) corrections are often mild, since Buying occurs on down days as well.  Just one more note is the SIZE of the UP-Volume ( GREY ) is significant.

  I think, without a pun this famous view to our RIGHT is going to be the BEAR view of the GDX, pun intended, once this fake-out correction takes place, the advance will be hot enuf to warrant as little clothes as those Chevy riders are wearing.

Got your attention now?  Are you paying as much attention to the GDX's advance since May 29, as to the South end of these four ladies?  I hope so, cause this is a picture and the GDX is live and moving.  No I never had a Chev pickup truck like that either, loaded or empty.

Ya gotta pay attention to What's What, right?