Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reality Check

this is an interim post, starting with a little chart I use as a reality check, when all the noise, dust of battle, fog of war, and confusion obscures what is really happened so far.  It is a good view of the battle from an elevated position, with the noise filtered out, which is what Point & Figure charts are supposed to do:
  This is an End-Of-Day ( EOD )(not Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Chart, showing the % of Stocks in the GDM, in Bullish P & F formations.  Admittedly it lags due to the inherent (designed-in) lag in Daily P & F charts, but provides us a valuable check on what has happened VS what the noise and dust makes us think happened.

    Essentially this oft called "Sentiment" index, shows a re-trace down to 30% from a Rally High of 42% earlier this year, coming off a Quadruple Increase from 10% to 42% off the Rally that started in December 2013, which of course we have corrected by this move to 30%, which the Charting Program interprets according to its Rules, as a Correction within a Bull Trend.  Since it is part of a Rule-Driven SOP, it is then without emotion, a good think to note.  That being the case as well as many of my Usual Suspects in the PM Complex retaining their base, I can both emotionally and intellectually agree with the "Bull Correction" call the StockCharts P&F Charting program Conclusion.   Stay turned, there is more, but I am on the jump so I will be back with more later

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