Thursday, May 1, 2014

U$D can't climb over 80 on the USDX ( thus U$D =.80)(nice discount!) and Gold won't stay below CRIMEX$1280

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  meanwhile Real Physical Gold for certified delivery is $1375 in U$D fiat and C$ 1509 in Canadian Fiat.    The Boyz doing these raids just don't get how counter productive it is.  Now the "China Scenario" is in play on silver where paper selling is used to influence the PHYSICAL price so it can be Hoovered up by guess whom.

Let's take a look at the REAL SCENE:

   Gee how far away from the December Bottom are we now?  4.3 months, as Martin Armstrong would point out, I think or perhaps, at least he should, IMO.
    Notice how "Co-Incidentally" close in shape, duration and formation, the NOV 27th to Dec 27th Bottom has formed up in $HUI, so similar to when?  Now ??
   Well, I'll be a blind monkey !!!  Who would have thought ?  And yet 16% higher, wow we are doing soooo bad.  Oh yes CRIMEX paper gold was 1180 at that point, but who cares, right?   We still have a Golden Cross both in CRIMEX GOLD, REAL CANADIAN GOLD and THe $HUI, but we don't want to talk about that, do we ??

OK enuf for the fun stuff, now you really got to work to see what I am talkin' 'bout:
            You see it was when that '63 Chevy 283 cube V8 got a 4 on the floor SYNCHROMESH, you didn't have to "double-clutch" it anymore and you could slam shift if if you didn't mind swapping trannies every few months or at least rebuild your spare.    At some point, some of these Dufusses running the RAID machine are gonna screw up and there are gonna see a SLAM SHIFT into 2nd, that will curl their hair, clean back to their ears, and blow the doors off the tool truck they are driving.            Take a look at this and decide for yourself.
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