Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GIMBO'S Volume Counterpart, 'Cuzin BUBBA stopped by last night n had somethin' to tell us

  Now normally 'Cuzin BUBBA is the object of some good natured kidding as at times BUBBA is a bit slower than GIMBO, but while not a savant, he is a good kinda guy to have around, with senses a bit sharper than most, if not smarter.

Usually GIMBO is slicker and smarter, but we always keep an eye on BUBBA when he acts like he is getting twitchy.   In this case the red line under his Tru Strength MACD is a bit of a tip-off for me.  First he is in a NO-Sell ZONE right there, as well as seeming to slack his pace to the downside.   
     Now if we look to the crooked Mayor Crimex we see today, a slightly lower number for his Prisoner, Spot Gold, down to 1276 for a moment or two, whilsts Prisoner Gold's little Brother Silver, did not break as low under the waterboarding, so from my perspective, I think we are getting little hints and clues bubbling to the surface of the markets.    Looking at the major indexes for miners, $HUI, $XAU, $GDM & GDX  & Sil, as measures, I don't see the confirmation of a scary new low, in fact on  the 1 hour charts they are rallying, so it seems a wait and see proposition, but in fact, without fear from my point of view.

    While I won't be posting anything on >>  CARTEL~BUSTER, you might enjoy a look at it............