Monday, March 31, 2014

How far down the Rabbit Hole did we go?

As 2013 wore on, I became convinced the  slaughter of HUI and PM Complex had to stop somewhere.   While I HAD to draw the Falling Wedge, I was, as well, sure that NO ONE was prepared to call an end to the drop but me.  So far I have not heard one objection to that, but sometimes I  am pretty far out on a limb, like here, so here we are, more or less like and "Down and Out" pass pattern for a Tight End no one is watching.

So this is where we are NOW on a monthly, strongly entrenched on  Bottom, late on the cycle, but here nontheless, FWIW

 Now for the P & F chart

  and now we wait for the potential target to develop even tho we don't know HOW it will develop, yet.