Friday, February 21, 2014

Gold Miner Breadth Oscillator -- Beginning or End - Myra P. Saefong's article - What does it mean ? Where does the Oscillator point ?


HERE IS THE ARTICLE   The author is quite competent, but for sure stuck in MSM where the big salaries are.  No, I am not slamming her, I am saying this is where you go to get Big BUX, and to get that, you can't get in their faces over Gold.  Once you have a niche as does the author, you can professionally disagree.
MEET BUBBA GUMP, he is to the volume as the Breadth Oscillator is to Advances & Declines, and back in June, not July, BUBBA began to tell us that there was a lot of volume moving into the GDX, volume that when tracked directly paralleled if not shadowed GIMBO, in the Advance Side.  You see that like any good Lie Detector, BUBBA just kept ramping even when the Index declined.   UNTIL the US Thanksgiving, when the GDX finally remembered it was a GOLD STOCK INDEX.  At that time BUBBA Again gave a buy signal, (Red over Green Crossover).  Mind you this is a WEEKLY chart so its a bit longer term, but still quite relevant as it is the Upwelling Volume under this Rally.

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Lets go back to the Subject at Hand, the Gold Miners Oscillator.  Lets look at where the reaction might come to.......

  Slightly different time scale, same result.   From JUN of this I drew in the SRLs for BUBBA which mark Trendlines 1 (bottom) and Trendline 2 ( middle ), where the BUBBA's energy may bounce.  Back at Thanksgiving BUBBA bounced off Trendline #2, and this most noticeable and public of Rallies showed up.
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