Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GOLD MINER BREADTH Oscillators -We are HERE and We got a long ways to go !!


This is a weekly chart and likely not subject to Intervention Distortion.

This is the BREADTH OSCILLATOR of the AMEX GOLD MINERS INDEX or GIMBO as I shorten it.

It measures the cumulative increase or decrease over any given 2 year period in the GDM. It is powerful and long enuf to avoid being skewed by “Painting” by the ESF or TPTB. By the move up or down of the “KNOW, SURE THING” index, which moves like an MACD, to remain symmetrical we'd have to hit +375 on the Index on the UPSIDE, to match the -375 it has reached on the downside just before the JUL 2013 Rally.


ABOVE is GIMBO daily, looking quite HOT, up in the HOT ZONES. Underneath is the GDM version of KST, MACD-LIKE, and some Speed Resistance Lines drawn in, which often offer Resistance to Correction and Reaction, thus places it may bounce off.
ABOVE is GDX with RSI, MACD & BB, all In-Gear for a continuing advance, all below danger zones. RSI is under 70 and MACD continues up. This may eventually morph into a FLAT CORRECTION, but with normal stops you will likely have  no fear here of being shaken out !!

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