Friday, November 28, 2014

What Sayeth the Dragon ? Charts accompany

Normally I won't lead off so quickly with conclusions but this warrants a change.
    As you noticed on the chart today of Singapore, we bounce around in the U$D 1180 area, a result of Uneconomic selling known as a smack down.

In light of a strong bounce off the 16 level, all three Major Measures, ACID TEST, GIMBO and HYDRA-DRAGON, all in LONG mode, as well we need to be aware of corrections.  We see in the picture below, that the Dragon (Hydra+Dragon), is in position to correct, with the Fast Line (Cartel~Buster !®), rounding over in a manner that suggests potential correction.   In maintaining a LONG Mode Stance,  the Dotted line could dip down all the way to the Dashed line, and yet stay in LONG Mode, if it does NOT go under and stay under the Dashed line for THREE intervals or more.  So a correction may or may not materialize, but statistically, some dip seems in the cards from my view of 
the BREADTH DATA, which may or may not reflect in the PRICING DATA, i.e.GDX.  Likely we could see some dip in the GDX pricing.
As you see, the Gold Mountain represents the GDX,
 the dots = CARTEL~BUSTER !, and GIMBO is the dashed line.

To take a look at the price data, i.e.  GDX here is my liberal interpretation of what EW channels would suggest, inspired by an EW interpreter I respect:

So it looks like to me, we could be smacked down to the 18 level up to the early part of December.  Thus to keep the LONG Mode if looking at GDX, we'd need to keep above 18, or at least if dipping below it, not more than 3 days back to back.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Did you see that cage of Black Kanaries?

   Although this was written by Agatha Christie, even she could not write the ending to this .
With a dozen or more these
in a fragile environment like this
you could imagine how unpredictable and unstable this group would be


Putin, China, the Ukies, the Baltics, Ebola, China, BOJ, the Swiss, the Dutch, ISIS, Iran,oh, yes don't forget Obama. NOTE 11/24/2014 ~ Don't forget Chuck Hagel's just now resignation. !!
Everyone of those cats is eyeing this tasty cage of Kanaries, each watching the other guys canary, which they know if liberated, would fly back to their homes. Of course if you are the First Cat In, you get to eat the other guys birds, but no doubt will release some they are unable to snag. Warily the cats eye each other while circling the cage. Will Putin and China team up, China knocking the cage over while Putin forces the cage open and passes canaries out to China? Will the Ebola cat sneak in thru a gap in the bars, and wipe them out as its kanary escapes?
We know kanaries black, yellow, or indifferent, will fall right out of the air will fall right out of the air, when they hit the fumes that can kill, or melt down any of the systems. How many of these dozen kanaries will escape? The cats will know how many they want to eat, but they have no way of knowing which ones will escape. The situation is tense and analogous to a “Dropping Price Auction” where the most anxious buyer sets the price, but that is where the similarity ceases. As soon as the first cat hits the cage, chaos will rule, and the odds ruling this kind of event make it likely some or all will escape.
Do we have all the potential cats that might show up ? Your guess is as good as mine, as I labeled the first dozen to come to my mind, but I bet you can come up with a lot more.
Oh I have excluded all the alphabet entities, CIA, MI6, FSB, etc that could be involved, as they are creatures of the other actors but you can't completely discount the rogue factor.
I mean Jamie Dimon could go bi-polar and off himself after an all night bender with Lloyd Blankenfein and their buds......

   Can we take a pool on which Cat jumps first?  How about how many Black Kanaries get loose, how about which ones?  How about which ones liberated will drop dead in mid flight?  Just one helluva lot of imponderable variables, especially in light of all the Known's, known and unknown, not to mention the possibility of many unknown unknown's.   All this crap cause everyone wants to lie while they continue to beggar their neighbour(s).  Been just too hard for them  to tell the truth, I guess.

10 Charts to find your way, 
 5 Precious Metals Complex
 5 DJIA Market Markers

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rather Dramatic Post

here is a shot of Cartel~Buster !, an exclusive indicator of mine, which shows the shocking rise in that ground swell of Breadth starting in October, until the entire PM Sector broke loose of the Suppression & Manipulation, and wrested its way free of that situation

I think this quite illustrates the amount of power under this rise.  If  you think that the rise up should be symmetrical and equal the move down, then I am thinking 7 more weeks up, with the correction here and there, but before we see if this becomes a secular bull instead of just a leg in a counter move.  I think several of my other measures including "Acid Test" would serve to confirm that.

Using a more common measure, the Point & Figure Chart, we could develop an upside Potential Objective of $22.72 GDX. Given normal corrections it would not be surprising for the GDX to to talk half that time to do it, at which time a further upside move would be projected, like a fire truck ladder extending itself.  That would put us past the US Thanksgiving and halfway to Christmas, when the BIG Rally in the PM's started last year.

I hope this gives you a small picture of what I am thinking.  There is tonnes more in each issue of Peak Picks, with no risk when you sign up.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

How KRIMEX makes you crazy with False Price Discovery

"Making you Crazy with Cognitive Dissonance"  

My Candidate for the


   There stands today a mute monument to KRIMEX dishonesty, speaking volumes in the form of a minimum 25% Premium of REAL, Honest-to-Gosh,
Real Silver Metal in-hand, over KRIMEX U$D 16.00 Paper Fake (you can't have any) Silver.

   If there is anyone that believes the thieves of the KRIMEX cannot take their KRAZYfakeKUOTES for Paper Contracts with the name Silver or Gold upon them, to any price level they wish, I am here to tell you there is ample evidence to the contrary in the public domain, to illustrate such unless you are the horse that can be led to water but will not drink, or the those who are not blind but will not see.  In that respect I advance the idea of "ZERO NOW" where the thieves and liars of the KRIMEX(like this song says) can take the nominal paper prices of their fake contracts anywhere they want by launching buy or sell programs in uneconomic quantities in times of thin liquidity designed to clean out all meaningful orders.  Seems to me they might as well accelerate all seeing how dishonest this is by pushing prices to ZERO NOW which will accelerate demand as we have seen, so that the price of Real Silver Coins goes from U$D21 per piece to say U$D 45 in the physical market.  That will speak volumes, as does the current premium, in a time when physical demand could easily, IMO, quintuple.

      It has been proposed by innumerable mouthpieces for TPTB and even so honest but duped folks, that PAPER GOLD contracts on the KRIMEX could trade under U$D 1K.  I don't disagree.  They literally can do anything with that FakeKuote, because no one can obtain Metal at that price.  The proof is each time a major take-down is staged the physical demand jumps by an order of magnitude and never goes back down to the previous plateau.  Given that this last travesty was accompanied by perhaps a 10 Fold increase in Global Demand for Silver, the next stop for the KRIMEX One-Trick-Pony would be a 100 X increase in demand as the populations globally awaken to the Krimex Fraud.

GEE, when they play their next trick, shall we have a betting pool how long before the physical supply runs out?  Would it be A/ Less than 1 Day; or Less than 3 Days,; or less than 7 Days; or an amount of time not specified ?  I again, do not know, but suspect this is the likely outcome unless we get hit with a 100% Silver Asteroid (what happened to all the Space Mining Stories ?).

So, the KRIMEX False Price Discovery Kuote dropped from 20 to 16, and the Premium of Real Silver Coins over it, ran up to 25% where it is today.  And today that coin costs about U$D 21-22, before shipping.  LETS imagine a stupendous price move by KRIMEX to say U$D 12  more less matching a KRIMEX price stupid of Paper Gold Contracts to say U$D 950.  It would not be unusual to expect a 20% drop in pricing, now to equal a 40%+ premium increase at which time a Silver Bullion Coin Ounce would go for U$D 21.80.
So KRIMEX drops the Fake Kuote by  20%, and the Premium doubles +, and the price of the Silver Coins stays FLAT !  Makes ya go hmm, don't it? ZERO NOW, then should be worth at least U$D 80 or more, IMO. LOL.

    Would you have the liver scared out of you with the headlines of the KRIMEX dropping the Fake Kuote under U$D1K?  Would the Miners Crash more?  Stackers sure would have a field day, as would anyone buying SOLVENT MINERS.

    I'd say Have No Fear,  if your going to ride this tide up and sell it down, and ride it up and sell it down.  That gives you sanity and time and perspective, enough, to consider what your doing without undue haste or duress......a nice place to be. You could be in this place, if you have the means or advice necessary. Sign up, there is no risk subscribing, and you see I take risk very, very seriously, because its YOUR MONEY. Try me.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Find out who is getting ready to go


Brought to you by the Financial Traitors at the Krimex.  How so, well, to so taint the pool of financial data required daily to avoid malinvestment is a traitorous act.

Lets review the principles of Supply and Demand, as listed in the beginning of the article on same in Wiki:

The four basic laws of supply and demand are:[1]:37
  1. If demand increases (demand curve shifts to the right) and supply remains unchanged, a shortage occurs, leading to a higher equilibrium price.
  2. If demand decreases (demand curve shifts to the left) and supply remains unchanged, a surplus occurs, leading to a lower equilibrium price.
  3. If demand remains unchanged and supply increases (supply curve shifts to the right), a surplus occurs, leading to a lower equilibrium price.
  4. If demand remains unchanged and supply decreases (supply curve shifts to the left), a shortage occurs, leading to a higher equilibrium price.
WE clearly are full force of Principle #1, and yet the price declines.  Lets analyze and see if there are any clearly suspicous characters that could be the Usual Suspects.  Dave Kranzler with the help of Nick Laird and Ed Steer, put together the graphic that allows a 7 year old of average intelligence to pinpoint the culprit(s).

   Here it is, don't fall off your chairs, you already know whom it is, but here is the DAMNINGEST picture of the fraud in action I have ever seen:

To be clear, this is a Daily Chart with FIVE YEARS (5) of overlays of the daily action.  Quite simply the Asian markets move up and down, but the LONDON/NY markets move down, in what is a statistical impossibility, comparing one with the other.   Apparently the Bankers and Bullion Banks are quite concerned about being brought up for TREASON because it seems that each time we have two witnesses willing to testify, one or other of them commits "suicide".  Let review those numbers:   the likelihood of serial suicides by those in places of power in the financial fraud sector, seems to be 1 in 47 million in any given year, more or less by my cocktail napkin calculations, cockamamie as they are.  How many in a row?
And the guy who shot himself 16 times with the nailgun, I could not calculate the odds on that, Hmm funny, eh?

The fact that US Mint sold thru 2 MILLION American Silver Eagles in 2 hours, on the same day that the KRIMEX Smackdown took KRIMEX non-obtainable silver paper contracts down below U$D 16.00 @ oz.  Quite the coincidence, and anomaly because according to Principle # 1 (Econ 101 @ Wiki), we should we be experiencing a price increase, eh ?   Here is the problem crudely illustrated by me:


Now if you can advance any other reason for which this could be happening, I bet the whole world wants to hear, because right now, I think 99% of the ROW(Rest of World) is feeling rather victimized if they are even aware.

   The constant use of Smoke, Mirrors and Inflata-Bux to keep everyone confused and docile has worked in the past but very recently has stopped working almost altogether, as evidence by the continuing exponential increase in down take of silver coins.


 Last night around 12:30 a.m. EST, $1.5 billion of paper gold was dumped into the Comex Globex computer trading system during one of the least liquid periods of trading in any 24 hour period.  It was done when there was almost no resistance from the physical market.  The two largest physical buying markets in the world were dormant when this hit occurred:  India was closed for holiday observance and Shanghai was on its mid-day trading hiatus."

     Yep, same "ole usual suspects" KRIMEX, et al, and their minions.

How long before these miscreants are brought to justice, properly adjudicated, at the end of a rope ?  We can not know that yet, but we do know SOMETHING HAPPENED, to trigger this Global Fiat Crises, to make THEM go haywire, and go all out to surpress the KNOWN HISTORICAL Value of Specie metals.   The intuitive part of this, is that FIAT PAPER is Weighed in SPECIE METAL Term, i.e, contracts by Ounces of Specie Metal.     The take away here, the Bottom Line, is that
OUNCES COUNT.       The Boyz of the KRIMEX can take the Paper Price of their Fake PM Contracts to ZERO, ZED, NADA, ZIP, and an ounce of silver will like still buy a part of a beef animal, firewood, a Samsung smart fone, or a laptop, but the paper and fiat currency will revert to its intrinsic value, ZERO, ZED, NADA, ZIP.  Catchy eeh?

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