Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WAS yesterday the 29th DAY or merely the 29th of July ? (see "29th

The 29th Day  is a good place to start if you have not an understanding it is meaning.

Lets take a look at my crude attempt to interpret future curve manifestations in MACD

   Admittedly even though Jim Sinclair introduced me to the use of French Curves here, he did not make much of an artist of me.  I draw  your attention to the Green Dialog and the crude attempt to draw in the possible future histograms.

Now as of last night this is that same chart looked out without my drawing on it.

     WAS YESTERDAY THE 29TH DAY ?  What event will it be?

   Will it be Marty ("The Market is always right") Armstrong, contradicting himself by calling this current PM COMPLEX Rally a "FALSE RALLY" ?  I mean really folks how transparent can one me be when he is on parole from the FEDS and beholden to the USA for his freedom?

     I don't know what event will be singled out as THAT STRAW that broke the camel's back as Lord knows there are enough, any of which could literally disable that camel.

   Trust me, I don't trust THEM.  But I do observe.  They can run, they can hide, but they CANNOT do it forever, and they have NO GOLD LEFT, like Esau, they squandered it for what ?  More poverty for the masses in the West, more luxury for the West's obscene 1%, or were they moved by the plight of Asia and generously decided to enrich them, while maintaining the West's obscene 1% in power ?

  Do I know.  For sure NO.   Do I hold specie metal in my possession.

YOU BET !!!   GOT GOLD ??  GOT SILVER ?  It may well be the 29th Day........


Sunday, July 20, 2014

What are we looking at, where are we? Next ? WHAT MACD really means........

Now where do we go from here ?  so if btwn 25.5 and 26.25, is the battle zone, what are the outcomes ?
Further, what have the shaded parts to do with this, and what do they indicate?
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    WHAT DOES THE MACD MEAN ?  The macd means, that it reflects the direction of the change or goes up if a decline goes into neutral.  It does NOT anticipate moves,
so if the DOWNTREND STOPS, the MACD goes UP.  It reflects; not anticipates.

  Well, its not that we KNOW, its that we have dissected this move, and gamed out the potential next moves.  We know what our next moves will be if A happens, if B happens, and if C happens.  Sign up for PEAK PICKS no risk and see what we can do for you.  Is there any reason we cannot do this for YOU.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Now are you Ready To Rumble? What do you mean NO MORE GOLD LEFT?


Now for the GOOD NEWS:

    You see its NOT all BAD news, THEY have NO GOLD with which to punish us, but they want to keep us cowed, scared and head down and its not working, is it.

    If they had the GOLD to do it with, they would have whacked us badly as soon as they could, but all they can manage is the occasional
harassing raid, to try to scare the timid.

    These guys who in G.O.T. probably freed more slaves than Lincoln, are coming with their freed compatriots behind them, ropes, torches and pitchfolks, to play HELL on the destroyers of Honest Money.  Fear them, Hail Kalassci ! Here it comes

Saturday, July 5, 2014

WHAT IS THE REAL QUESTION? Here are some hints...........

Interesting to see how this below chart may be forming a mirror image of above?
In addition, when you consider the Internal Breadth of this whole PM COMPLEX

Then ask yourself, WHY do those NINE DAYS clump up like that, and did they do that back in April and May ? Take a look >

Maybe a ledger sheet from the 3rd Season, 3rd Episode from Game of Thrones will illustrate the point.

THIS SEGMENT from 1:07 to
1:39 gets the whole point across
(link to YouTube)
"BECAUSE if We do not pay them back their GOLD they will FUND our enemies and get their GOLD one way or the other" and these guys will come looking for us !!  Yes we will, pitchforks, ropes and on it, LOL.

   Yes it is at this point that Tyrioun figures out from the ledgers that not only is there no Gold left, but that they have borrowed more Gold than they can pay back from Tywin and the Iron Bank, and in debt in fiat as well. HMMMMM.

   I think there is NO MORE GOLD to be begged, borrowed or stolen.  I'd play the Chinese Card myself, relative to Gold and Silver, at it helps us all.  They short the paper, and long the metal.  I am only halfway there, going long the metal with every paper dollar I can get my hands on.  Libya has been ripped off, as an other N.African nation as well as Ukraine, and Mali, so now, who they gonna steal any more gold from.???     IF they had the Gold, like they used BOE's Gold last year, then WTF don't they use it.     The bottom line is they are OUT OF AMMO, or they'd have used it, and everyone would be afraid to go back in............which you can see no one is, as each time there is a p*ss ant raid, the price ramps right back up with no fear.............

    Thus they lost control back at the end of may and are trying to hold this line now, but will fail, IMO, cause they got NADA to do it with, and are hoping against Hell which I suspect is gonna break loose on them, slow or fast, but I suspect they cannot hold it back...........

   Your gonna read a great deal of bullshit about how this was just short covering etc, etc, yadda yadda, why this cant last, etc, etc, which watching last June's Bottom to Sept, Dec to March, and now this one.  Slice it anyway you want but the bottom is at hand.  All the top and bottom callers are getting their butts kicked, cause I don't see a lower bottom in either Metal or Stocks that is confirmed by the other in my GolDow® concept, so I just work with direction and let the levels( amplitude ) take care of itself.  If you want to see this in action, sign up for PEAK PICKS, or CARTEL~BUSTER ! which have money-back guarantees, or XTTERRA just to stay ahead of the markets........Good Luck