Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reality Check

this is an interim post, starting with a little chart I use as a reality check, when all the noise, dust of battle, fog of war, and confusion obscures what is really happened so far.  It is a good view of the battle from an elevated position, with the noise filtered out, which is what Point & Figure charts are supposed to do:
  This is an End-Of-Day ( EOD )(not Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Chart, showing the % of Stocks in the GDM, in Bullish P & F formations.  Admittedly it lags due to the inherent (designed-in) lag in Daily P & F charts, but provides us a valuable check on what has happened VS what the noise and dust makes us think happened.

    Essentially this oft called "Sentiment" index, shows a re-trace down to 30% from a Rally High of 42% earlier this year, coming off a Quadruple Increase from 10% to 42% off the Rally that started in December 2013, which of course we have corrected by this move to 30%, which the Charting Program interprets according to its Rules, as a Correction within a Bull Trend.  Since it is part of a Rule-Driven SOP, it is then without emotion, a good think to note.  That being the case as well as many of my Usual Suspects in the PM Complex retaining their base, I can both emotionally and intellectually agree with the "Bull Correction" call the StockCharts P&F Charting program Conclusion.   Stay turned, there is more, but I am on the jump so I will be back with more later

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 California Chrome is contending for the Triple Crown at Belmont.  These 7 Stocks in this weeks PEAK PICKS all have the TRIPLE CROWN, meeting my criteria in 3 categories > Who will be the winner in this Next Rally?

This next rally may be the CLAIMING RACE for some of the 40 Stocks turning up in our Stealth Starting Gate this week > will there be another Secretariat?

.         Here is a Link to XTTERRA 
Now Back to the Game.   From the looks of the field traces over the last year,I figure the score is GoldBugs 16, Krimex Komix 19.  Both have scored 1 touchdown each, and the KOMIX are ahead by 1 Field Goal.   As any Gold Bug sees, there have been innumerable uncalled fouls, roughing the passer, kicker, holding, tripping and so forth, so its remarkable the Gold Bugs are hanging this tough that the KOMIX are only leading by 1 Field Goal going into Rally season.   Defensively, the KOMIX have been plagued by the 3 PIGS suffering a sack by each in both the 1st and 2nd Quarters, for SIX Sacks, hamstringing their efforts to establish a consistent offense. Six sacks in the first half is a new record.
Despite the KOMIX continual platooning and fielding ineligible players, the Gold Bugs have done an outstanding job on defense, with several turnovers to their credit.  Bob, "The Cannon" Moriarity hit two consecutive deep passes to his evasive WR, Hugh "Stealth" Smith in December and January that took the Bugs down to KOMIX 20.  Despite being sacked for a 20 yard loss on the next play, the "Cannon" came back on the  next play with draw-trap handoff to their 5'6 240lb 4.4 Fullback SRS ROCCO, who zigged, zagged and bulled his way across the Goal for the Bugs first Touchdown of the year.  The KOMIX have taken the subsequent kick off down to the BUGs 20 where they are stymied having been stopped on both the last series of downs, and losing the ball on 4th down, so that the BUGS now have the ball on their own 30, 1st and 10.   Also Coach Sinclair,  has traded for a new place kicker from the Euro Leagues, V. Putin who is reputed to have not only a good leg for 40+ yd field goals, but 9.5 speed in the 100 yd, and a reputation for sneaky evasive maneuvers.  I don't know what the coach's will be telling their teams at the HalfTime,but I know when we return for the 2nd HALF of this Year, the KOMIX will have used up all their Platoon Trades and will have to play with the personnel on their rosters.  The Gold Bugs seemed a bit weary by this last 2Wk Warning, but were not conceding anything to the KRIMEX KOMIX.   The GOLDBUGS 2nd HALF RALLIES are known and feared by opponents throughout the League and we will get a chance to see if that reputation is justified by the time June is over.  The 2WK warning has just sounded, so we shall see after this Memorial Day Time out, if the BUGS can shred  KOMIX paper.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

TA that works hand in had with the previous post, CARTEL~BUSTER ! For PM's & their derivatives

CARTEL~BUSTER ! is prima facia TA, meaning it is full upon its face and needs no other support.  I like it.  Crossovers in ZONES are the Signals.
    I posted it 'cause I was tired of hearing how TA doesn't work under different contditions, painted tapes and fixes markets.  Apparently that is not the case.
What do you think ?  Its available for Longer Term Investors packaged with AGGRESSIVE-PRESERVATION.   Cartel~Buster ! folds in the work of Gary Christenson as well, in his creation, G.E.M, Gold Equilibrium Model, which uses NO Precious Metals prices, and will be featured in his book coming out this fall in in popular priced Paperback and E-Book form.  It will be available here.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

U$D can't climb over 80 on the USDX ( thus U$D =.80)(nice discount!) and Gold won't stay below CRIMEX$1280

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  meanwhile Real Physical Gold for certified delivery is $1375 in U$D fiat and C$ 1509 in Canadian Fiat.    The Boyz doing these raids just don't get how counter productive it is.  Now the "China Scenario" is in play on silver where paper selling is used to influence the PHYSICAL price so it can be Hoovered up by guess whom.

Let's take a look at the REAL SCENE:

   Gee how far away from the December Bottom are we now?  4.3 months, as Martin Armstrong would point out, I think or perhaps, at least he should, IMO.
    Notice how "Co-Incidentally" close in shape, duration and formation, the NOV 27th to Dec 27th Bottom has formed up in $HUI, so similar to when?  Now ??
   Well, I'll be a blind monkey !!!  Who would have thought ?  And yet 16% higher, wow we are doing soooo bad.  Oh yes CRIMEX paper gold was 1180 at that point, but who cares, right?   We still have a Golden Cross both in CRIMEX GOLD, REAL CANADIAN GOLD and THe $HUI, but we don't want to talk about that, do we ??

OK enuf for the fun stuff, now you really got to work to see what I am talkin' 'bout:
            You see it was when that '63 Chevy 283 cube V8 got a 4 on the floor SYNCHROMESH, you didn't have to "double-clutch" it anymore and you could slam shift if if you didn't mind swapping trannies every few months or at least rebuild your spare.    At some point, some of these Dufusses running the RAID machine are gonna screw up and there are gonna see a SLAM SHIFT into 2nd, that will curl their hair, clean back to their ears, and blow the doors off the tool truck they are driving.            Take a look at this and decide for yourself.
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   Tell me what is not to love about this ?  ' nuff said, come aboard Peak Picks or Cartel~Buster ! , and start enjoying life and investing again.