Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oscar Wilde?

I don't know the wag that quoted they thought someone a fool because they knew the price of everything but the value of nothing but sounds like it could have been Oscar Wilde.

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  In a recent article by SRS Rocco, whom I read some as we exchange ideas,  he mentioned two things, and I think in juxtaposition but I am sure he knows that........probably his editor's screw up.
   The two words are VALUE and PRICE.  As we know there are people constantly trying to misdirect concerning these two things.   Price is something that exists in a moment in time, even if it is something like the INSIDIOUS CRIMEX paper pretend prices for Specie Metals.  These quotes for paper have declined by PRICE perhaps 30% in 2013, with various interruptions up and down.  Meanwhile, real world purchases of the real delivered metals have declined in transaction price, but to lesser extent, perhaps half that.    Funny, that, since obtaining Specie Metals in small measure has become more difficult, and in large measure, exponentially so....HMMMM -  I think I know what is at the core of that.
  VALUE.    Simply that I so highly value specie in my possession no amount of monkeying around with the supposed price will change anything.  "Cold dead fingers" and such.......  and such is the disconnect.     No counter party risk exists and our ounces are constant unlike the shifting sands of fiat currencies.  VALUE is how we feel about it in our GUT.  Nothing more complex.