Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stalingrad ? Midway ? Gettysburg ? Bastonge ?

In a rather cruel but hardly novel way, those  in control of media, oft name their foes in such fashion as to inspire negative feelings.  After much discussion, I am still not convinced the French did not cause the Lakota Indigenous Peoples to be named after the timber rattlesnake.  After all given European military tactics, I am sure the Lakota warriors could strike repeatedly without being detected, with fatal effect.......and so the name is there to this day.

I propose we name the Comex, now known as the CRIMEX for their dastardly exploitation of producers, have its supposed Gold Pricing notation, now be known as "INSIDIOUS" for the continuing ill it imposes on those who use it.

Would that profit not be a motive, anyone could unleash torrents of the supposed commodity at hand, onto a almost sleeping market with no volume and cause that commodities instant price to plummet, while using order of magitude volume to achieve it, this would be considered manipulation.
   But works like this have been pronounced "NOT MANIPULATION" by The Powers That Be, so this is no longer a crime (don't try this at home, you will be arrested and charges laid and you will ANSWER for you ACTIONS in Court.
You will.  The CRIMEX will not.  So lets just use the non-violent means at our disposal, and call it for what it is: INSIDIOUS.
    No regime ever survives being laughed at, no one can trump humor, when it is seen the Emporer has NO CLOTHES and is laughed at.  Its at your disposal, you can use it, ...........

    So what is the Real GOLD COIN price?  First, no person can buy Gold for the CRIMEX price, if you do let me know......so far no takers.

So what does a 1 oz Real Gold Coin sell for ?  Lets look at the American Gold Eagle, pretty well accepted as a 1 oz Gold Coin.  One coin, well no, lets look at a roll of 20, selling for U$D 28,519.26 or U$D 1,425, a far cry from the last Crimex price fraud of U$D 1,318.90, seemingly a disparity until you realize the CRIMEX number is a promise to deliver .........a paper promise not, Metal Gold.

Now, U$D 1,425 is a price for a timely delivered AGE coin in a roll of 20, delivered to YOUR ADDRESS In the USA.  No defaults here, 99.99% satisfaction rating..........http://www.ebay.com/itm/Roll-20-2013-1-Troy-Oz-Gold-American-Eagle-50-Coins-SKU27855-/380720645928?pt=US_Bullion_Coins&hash=item58a4b80728

This what I call GOLD COIN PRICE, done as delivery against payment, with no other fees or costs, into your possession.

     So, as in, "Turnabout = Fairplay"  we label CRIMEX pricing INSIDIOUS.
Nothing else we need do.   We know where to find REAL GOLD COIN PRICES.
No one is going to dump thousands of Coin here, at once, to sell them and lose money.  This is about the closest we can get to an honest open market.
We appreciate that it is there, and so make the most of it.........

NEXT, the Four GoldBugs from Hell, Ride again, against the chaos of the budget slowdown/shutdown.