Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't matter WHO let the DOGS OUT, I havent seen this many dogs run since the start of the last YUKON QUEST SledDog Race

Amazing, scanning backwards, from today to Monday, I saw dog mining stocks I hadn't seen leave their kennels, rear up and bark like REAL Canines, about 200 of them ( two hundred). It was as if someone loosened the hounds as you see in movies about medevial nobles in their castles........Now I wonder whom the prey shall be in this macabre dance thru the snow.  Will it be like the ski-troopers chasing down the conscripts thrashing through the snowdrifts or will it be more sporting?  Considering the "Suffering but not in Silence" post, this most recent move seemed quite the poetic balance point, such symmetry.

While this month is not over, I would wonder if it makes these charts in any way less valid?  I think not, but  you be the judge:
We seem to be lining up on the Drop Zone very nicely as well as the monthly Trend & Momentum BLUE BARS of the MACD are turning up for the FOURTH Month in a row.........
Falling Wedges have high reliablity attached to them, and this one especially to me, since it is done in the Tamper-Resistant Monthly Packaging(Format).  It is generally understood that the dynamic is that Buyers & Sellers are cleared out of the formation, and when the thrust runs out of energy, it both reverses and begins to move with greater energy it acquired on the previous direction.

   So the real question is "Who Is On First", "Are We There Yet" or might be
"Is This Really  Love?".  I am prepared to provide some answers and invite you to have a FREE Month of PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS on me, so you might see, with all the usual guarantees, etc, simply CLICK HERE to subscribe monthly @ U$D 33.97, and see how you may profit from what comes next, rather than being in the dark and guessing at what you now know is our excellent accuracy of calls and tactics in this arena...........

Time for a new post

I think the Suffering but not in Silence was pretty spot on.  Post more later today