Friday, September 13, 2013

Suffering but not in Silence

Blooded & Unbowed
AH yes, Bashed and Slashed as TPTB do their very best to Psychologically neuter and paralyze the followers and participants in the PM COMPLEX, no one is inclined to just sit there and take it anymore.
Continuing Op-Ed pieces come out, scandalous disclosures happen daily and PEOPLE KEEP BUYING PHYSICAL, despite all the scare tactics of TPTB agents etc etc. Fraud in the CRIMEX pricing of PM`s and everything else for that matter, are floating to the top ( ask any farmer ).
War in Syria re-buffed by the US House, and the Rest of the World shows that the ABC ( Anglo Banking Cartel) is losing its grip and NOT able to impose its will on Everyone at the Same Time.

As the COPS theme goes, `BAD BOY, BAD BOY Whatcha Gonna Do`?    In this case, little they can do but spin out the same game and we are going to defense them in the same way we have, and figure a few new twists just as they will, but they have got themselves, in this Box known as the IRON TRIANGLE, Interest Rates, Gold & U$D.
One moves, they all move. Now Truly the FED buys a lot of US paper but they only influence, NOT control interest rates OR the rate on the 10 yr would not have doubled since Spring........Oh there are lots of more unpleasant developments for TPTB they`d rather not have anyone see, but hey, that is the way the cookie crumbles.
GOT COOKIES …..get some !
My diversion is to watch TV in the evening while watching the PM numbers and picking off some Silver Pieces when the raids are on-going. Keeps me amused.
These guys are their own worst enemies and if the `Meek`, that is, the calmest inherit the earth, then stay calm, and let these guys destroy themselves. In medieval warfare lore it was said those who STAND (fast), would end the Battle, STANDING, which makes a good argument for letting Op-Fors break themselves on the laws of nature......STACK, SMILE & NOD, and enjoy life.....its your life......