Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Go Ahead, Dare ye cross the Straits of HELL ? That would make my day.........

To Neutralize this map of HELL, "THEY" are going to have to knock the floor out of of the BOX in Which WHALE ISLAND sits.   How in the heck did they they get here?  The guy who engineered the TaxDayMassacre used TOO BIG A HAMMER, and wasn't he proud of himself, of the great knockout he landed on the PM's, only to have hoisted himself on his own petard, putting HIM and his Cronies, in a box they cannot exit.............LOL,  Good Going G-Boy !!

    Stop for a moment and imagine the HELL and CHAOS that WILL occur should the GDX, or the HUI or the GDM or the XAU do the equivalent of crossing the Straits of HELL ?  A lot worse than crossing the Rubicon, because unless THEY can break the bottom out of Whale Island's box, crossing the Straits of Hell will signal that everything is NOT OK, and that the Miners of PM's and the PM's themselves are going UP, UP, and probably to that fabled place, AWAY.......

   Now while THEY could pull off the TaxDayMassacre, looking at the chart below, you must ponder whether they can or want to break the bottom out of the 2009 bottom........hmmmm, mighty tall task there Pilgrim, don't ya think?
All the more Scarier is it looks like this upleg is just getting started.  To Kill it, THEY have to kill everything.  Sounds like ' Nam all over again, "To save the village from the VC, we had to destroy it"  - "Very Logical Captn, Very logical."
    This whole thing sounds like it is right out of "APOCOLYPSE NOW !!"
Thus my operative thought is, MAYBE IT IS..............Do you like Jello?  I do.