Saturday, August 10, 2013

Burnt Bulls, BBQ'd Bears

Taken from the Free Front Page at StockCharts  -> A composite picture of the stocks taking flight on the Toronto Stock Exchange, today, Friday.  Six Gold Miners, four energy stocks.  What or which of them were on your list yesterday?

A number of our subscribers had them on their lists and bought this week because:


Bulls burnt in this last decline, one and two years long are still hesitant to step in, or for that matter even sample the water.  Long about "Top Out Time", many will convince themselves to stop right into the next correction, oh so sad.
  What to do? What to do? Act decisively when you have good Intell, and CAN act on it THEN, RIGHT THEN !!  Stepping up AND OBSERVING your STOPS will keep you in far better shape than WAITING to psyche yourself up to step in.

Notice that the following charts look as if they were doing synchronized swimming:

Nine of 'em, Read 'em and Weep BEARS  !!  We are gonna need a 5 Gallon bucket of Cattleman's Pride BBQ sauce from Costco here pretty quick as I see this fire pit getting heated up fast.  As I called it last week, we see the Correction ending Wed, and taking off to the upside Thurs.  I like it.

Any of the Gold Stocks on the Linked List would be a good place to start.

Some good ones are on Peak Picks Rally Report.  Drop me a line for a couple.