Monday, April 22, 2013

Ah we meet again, Tavarish ! Tamper resistant data and graphix.........

I think no one has any doubt after the events of last week when 13,600,000,000 Oz of GOLD FUTURES contracts were dumped EN Mass on the COMEX, yes count the ZEROS, Thirteen (13) Million, Six Hundered (600) thousand Ozs of Gold for FUTURE DELIVERY.    Stunning and numbing, DUMPED to for maximum effect, which IMO > proves there is far more paper in this world than GOLD, and likely far more than the gold the sellers physically possess.  Heaven prays that the BUYERS of these contracts stand for delivery.
Of course if they are fake entities, merely used to facilitate transactions, there is no real OTHER SIDE to the TRADE.    Since the COMEX is using either UNECONOMIC or FAKE transactions to set Price Discovery, the Price Discovery process itself is either deeply flawed, wrong, or irrelevant.  You decide which.

Giving lie to the entire process was the parallel Silver Smash which was immediately accompanied by HIGHER PREMIUMS for PHYSICAL SILVER.  No genius is required, simply follow any links of Metals dealers and you will find they will SELL at anywhere from a $4.00 to $8.00 per OZ higher level than COMEX quotes, PLUS Shipping, so getting Real, Physical Silver in your hands will cost you  a minimum of $6.00 more per Oz Unit, in Quantity.  Smaller orders, say under 10 OZ will be looking at a $8.00 - $10.00 Pricing bump PLUS shipping.  So in fact, the Silver Smash, has turned into rather a "Stirred, rather than Shaken" Silver Market.

    Now I can say " IS That ALL THERE is?"  "THEY", whomever wishes to sell their goods without profit can Run Stops, and push the price of Paper Items lower, but they, in fact, have not changed the silver price.  And what of that?
Well it Awakened the public, to show the naked brazeness  these fellows will go OPENLY to Try to change the outcome or slow it down.

   So every Silver Maple, Silver Eagle, Austrian Harmonic, Aussy Koala, Chinese Silver Panda or Mexican Libertad, in the hands of everyone, is simply a step closer to the day the CRIMEX and other fraudulent mechanism are discarded.

    Could it happen soon enough ?  Of Course Not !!  BUT you must remember that this started 3 years ago with the "TAKE DELIVERY" Movement that first impacted the COMEX and LMBA.  IT has taken its toll, and likely will be the cause of the exposure of the Fraud by both these organizations, IMO.

   Now lets look at what I think is a "Tamper Resistant" kind of chart.  I say
"TAMPER RESISTANT" because I am aware how well interventionist forces can PAINT a chart or graphic.  MONTHLY Charts due to their interval make SUSTAINING the ILLUSIONS created by Painting(cheating) a lot more difficult.

    No doubt this year will be extraordinary as well as so many previous.
Sharpen  your pencil and you will find 4.3 year cycles, then 8.6 year cycles, and 17.2 year cycles and 34.4 year cycles.  Here will see the most common, the 4 +/- Bottom to Bottom or Top to Top cycle.  Purple Ellipse the #1 in this Potential Double Bottom had a Volume Climax in 2012, about equal to
 Ellipse #2 (Black), whilst the price dove far deeper, reflecting the Crimex Back-Stabbing of April 12.  So the volume is  the same but the price spiked down with greater intensity........  This may be the end of this, it may extend the bottoming process into Summer or created an unprecedented TRIPLE Bottom to a 4.3 year Cycle.  What reduces the import of this, is that premiums on the part of Physical Metal Dealers, belie the fact that PAPER price of these SPECIE (Monetary) Metals has been reduced.  IMO, the EXCHANGE VALUE of SPECIE Metal, Coins and other Exchange Medium, has increased in what can be obtained for it. In a consensual exchange, SPECIE holds and increases its value, item for item, because it is far more scarce than plastic or paper money.

    Now lets look at a LONG TERM "Canary in  the Coal Mine" which can sniff out toxic gases.
   A FALLING WEDGE by its Shape, cleans buyers and sellers out of the space occupied by the WEDGE or CONE, and makes resolution Violent when it happens.  This Wedge is about 2 yrs in duration, and could set off a reversal breakout 2 to 4 times greater in length, as sometimes happens as in the  2009 breakout.  It has been ignored by most if not all analysts because it is so Long Term, based on MONTHLY Data.  However, IMO, you may want to take a step back from the edge of the Abyss the $HUI currently occupies, when the WEDGE resolves to the upside.

   These are some of the ideas I am entertaining, exploring and setting up with in PEAK PICKS.  You may wish to sign up, while Jim Sinclair is having his info meetings to avail yourself of this Special that I am opening to my readers.  The sign up is on the sidebar.  Good Luck