Monday, June 3, 2013

How much clearer can it be,,,,,

Basically, its the NYSE Average- here is what they say about it:

  "The NYSE Composite Index is designed to measure the performance of all common stocks listed on the NYSE, including ADRs, REITs and tracking stocks. In January 2003 the NYSE reintroduced the NYSE Composite Index under a new methodology that is fully transparent".

  So now starting at the bottom of 2009, just where you'd expect volume
( LOWER PANEL ) to build as the market moved up, it does exactly the opposite.  And keeps dropping.  Surprising with all the weird trading that goes on, one would expect MORE VOLUME, not Less, but this is not to be.

That is one sign.  Lets see.

South Africa IMPORTS gold to maintain product sales ( coins ).

 Physical Gold outpaces the paper proxy for it, by 12% as does Physical Silver.

US Congressional Budget Office data turns questionable, the former sterling watchdog turns into a lapdog for the current regime.

Corruption is glorified and laws are re-written to enable it, impoverishing all but the ruling criminal class.

Interest costs, globally, are endangering budgets and will swamp the ships of state with the slightest increase.

India tries to stop citizens from accumulating gold, while China encourages it.

The Above-Ground, non-mined sources of Gold have retreated lower than 2008.

Do we need graphix to support these facts? They ARE out there.

Food prices CONTINUE to climb, while Gvt fostered statistics show NO inflation.  Hmmm.

Mines are closing, due to skyrocketing costs.

More and more of these facts ARE In-Evidence, so, you may conclude it is SAFER to OWN your OWN Gold and HOLD your own GOLD ( & Silver), than leave it where it can MF Globalled by the likes of Jon Corizone.

None of these facts makes holding Specie ( precious metals ) less attractive.

None of these facts makes me feel more secure.  Each makes me more skeptical about what Gvts tell us......