Monday, February 25, 2013

SandStorm Gold Ltd Special Report

   My now, isn't that a picture.  Today, by request, I did a special report

on SandStorm Gold Ltd.  and it is now available at the 


for $9.95 to your email address by PDF.  This report includes my buy and sell points and strategies for upside as well as downside, and includes up and downside targets for the short and long term.  This is a limited time offer and will be unavailable upon the Breakout Date outlined in the report

The reports will be issued in the order payments are rec'd.  Please include the Email account you wish it sent to, and you may E-mail me @ "" if you have an issues.  One E-mail consultation is included in this price.

The report will also be available until then on the sidebar, as this post is replaced by others.  It is about a speculative stock and no guarantees or warranties are made.  I have taken steps to assure reasonable accuracy, but make no other warranties.

     ANY purchase of the SANDSTORM SPECIAL REPORT is creditable against any Subscription to PEAK PICKS, within 30 days of the Special Report purchase if req'd by EMAIL previous to Subscribing, a special link is available.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The past speaks to us in powerful ways, powerful enough to silence and give lie to the false scare tactics coming to us from every angle the Main Stream Media can find to bombard us, whether MSNBC, CNBC, or every paid flak blogger out there.

  Here is the SHORT ANSWER to the Question, ARE WE THERE YET - yes we are.

Commodity Channel Index>>>>>>>>>
In this 10 yr Mo'ly chart it hits BOTTOM - IT is ON TIME !!!

Middle PANEL >>>>
Candlestick chart of the $XAU, basically the Producer Chart for Miners. The THIN BLACK LINE is the SLOPE or ANGLE, up or down of the $XAU's MACD, thus showing DIRECTION & SPEED of the PRICE TREND of the $XAU for 10 years. So a Clear 4 Yr.
Cycle is shown, in the OPEN on this panel.

The Coppock Curve>>
was created to show
trend changes as a smoothed momentum
oscillator. LAGS a bit>
The Long Answer does not inform you any more than the SHORT ANSWER, but fills it out with more explanation.
What you have here are 3 Measures: 1/ CCI; 2/ MACD; 3/ Coppock Curve; each
showing a different yet reliable AND repeatable indication of a 4 year bottom to bottom cycle curve, coming to a BOTTOM in $XAU, $HUI, & GOLD, IMO, Q2 or 3, 2013. IMO, this picture is CLEAR. SELL here =SELL @ the BOTTOM !!


   IF you have waded through all the garbage and Guru Spew, I know its dirty and stinky, but you are, IMO, at an important turning point.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

In-Context, 10 Year Trend


     Given all the MOPE & MSM "Doom & Gloom" projected for Gold and G-Share


   This Rolling Stones video of Gloom & Doom is more in line with what masses of people are feeling while being told "EVERY THING IS OK".  NOT !


     Think for yourself, and execute due diligence despite anything your TOLD.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Nuts, to you, SIR !"

Came one of the most famous quotes of WWII,

"The most famous quote of the battle came from the 101st’s acting commander, Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe. When confronted with a written request from German General Luttwitz for the surrender of Bastogne, his reply was one word: "NUTS!" (the commander of the 327th GIR interpreted it to the German truce party as "Go to hell!").[9"

To most Investors seeking a return, the playing field has been anything but level and fatigue, and pessimism can be cut with a knife, weighted out and sold it is so thick.  However, rather than capitulation, this uneven battle has generated a dogged an determined attitude on the part of many, as this chart above may point out.

    Right now the budget is between a Cliff and a Hard Place.   The Federal Reserve Bank has bought more Treasury debt than has been issued, meaning it has become the Dealer of Last Resort, essentially redeeming the USA's debt.    The absolute % of Americans holding jobs continues to decline, and the cost of daily necessities continues to climb, notwithstanding Govt statements to the contrary........So as efforts continue, literally on all fronts, at all times, wasting no crises to surpress PM's, even as the Dollar falls.
"Something, many things, are rotten in Danmark", to paraphrase Shakespeare.
Which of these cannons will break loose their moorings during the pitching and yawing of the Ships of Global Finance, is yet to be seen, but as a matter of practical probabilities could happen before or after the next
 BLACK ALBATROSS lands in the rigging............

     This guy embodies what dogged determination can do.  I have had the honor of his acquaintance and will always be inspired by his determination.


We may stand to both learn and apply what he stood for that night in France.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Any similarity pop into mind on the TENTH Anniv.

of the tragic loss of your brave astronauts Feb 1, 2003 aboard the Columbia, and the position of the market?

    Given the level of mistrust, and the potential for mischief, I am disturbed.

Friday, February 1, 2013

This picture tells the story

  What do I  have to add to this perfect Reciprocal between the US Dollar and the Continious Commodity Index.  The reality is the breakpoint is 78, and the bounce point will be 76.  I guess when its all said and done the ultimate goal of the Dollar is said to be 52, but I  had targets as low as 42, which might be the spike low.

   So the two numbers you watch are 78 on the USDX and 600 on the CCI, once they are crossed, the battle is engaged, the preparation and recon is over.